January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, July 2, 2012

26 Weeks, 14 To Go!

I have a cute friend who has been posting pregnancy pictures throughout her entire pregnancy. 
It's been really fun to see her progress and growth. 
So, I thought I'd follow her example and post a few pictures each week from this point on. 
I posted more than one so you could get a good feel of my little baby bump. 

Travis felt our little girl move for the first time this past week (week 25 - 26). 
You should have seen his eyes! They were HUGE and he jumped  pretty good too! 
He looked at me and said, "Was that her?" and I, smiling, said, "Yup." 
Since then he's been addicted. He likes to put his hand on my tummy in the morning and at night 
(he can feel her move the most when I'm laying down).
And I don't mind one bit.

Travis saw my tummy move from her kicking/moving. 
We were sitting on the couch watching a movie yesterday (7/1/12) and I told him to look at my tummy. 
Sure enough it moved and he saw it!!! 

I have been feeling better as I continue to take my antibiotics, thank goodness. 
Saturday (6/30/12) was the first day I felt like I could get up and accomplish something. 
By the end of the day I was exhausted.

1) I am super sensitive to heat. 
  I can't be outside longer than a couple of minutes before I start swelling, sweating and feel a shortness of breath.
2) I can eat/smell almost anything now. 
  However, I still don't find meat products too appealing (I was like that before the pregnancy).
3) I'm LOVING anything fruity 
  Cereal, fruit snacks, actual fruit, fruit drinks...
4) I'm sleeping nearly 10 - 12 hours each night. 
  My body is craving rest - probably because it's going through so much!
5) I feel like I'm water logged. 
  I swear all I do is drink and pee and even then I'm still craving water like I haven't had any all day.
6) I get up one or two times during the night to go potty. 
  My insides are definitely getting squished.
7) I feel baby move constantly!
  Her movements are becoming much more aggressive. Before it felt like a muscle spasm - much like an eye twitch - now it feels like actual movementsI had no idea babies moved so much - I thought it was every now and then but this girl never stops! It's fun!
8) My calves/feet are trying to charlie horse throughout the night.
  I will wake up to muscle spasms in my legs and have to flex/straighten them to avoid an incredibly painful charlie horse. :s
9) My lower back hurts like _______!
  Thankfully Travis has been awesome and gives me massages every here and there. I love him!
10) Still haven't picked a name but we're working on it. :)
  We have a few we are leaning towards but ultimately we're waiting to meet her to see what name she looks like.

Today I have a follow up appointment with my doctor to make sure things are still okay.
Last week was quite the scare and threw us all through a loop.

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Anonymous said...

Love your beautiful baby belly! Miss your face! Hugs to you, your Mom, and sis!