January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"I'm in love, I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!!"

Today has rocked. It's my boys birthday and we were able to spend the entire day together. I love my boy. He is incredible. So, for my boy's day I posted, on facebook, thirty (of the bah-jillions)reasons why I love my perfect-for-me husband of mine. I did this through out the day, kind of fun for me. Hopefully fun for him?!?

Because I want the whole world to know why I love Trav so much, I thought I'd post them here as well as facebook. I know, you're SO lucky!!!

Here they are:

Reason #1: I love your incredibly beautiful, perfect smile. You're smile grabbed me and stole my heart from day one. I love you.

Reason #2: I love your amazing eyes. I've heard it said, "eyes are the windows to your soul". Well, your soul is amazing...just like your sunflower-colored-eyes. I love you.

Reason #3: I love your gift for art, whether it be creating or appreciating it. You have taught me a lot about the world of color, design, balance, expression, and interpretation. I am so grateful for this outlook on life. It's so much richer and more beautiful. Thank you. I love you.

Reason #4: I love your laugh! It's the MOST contagious laugh...almost music-like. I can't help but to smile and giggle when I hear you. I love you.

Reason #5: I love and deeply appreciate how seriously you take your calling as a son, brother, uncle, husband, (future) father, and friend. You are an honorable man full of goodness and strength. I have long admired your genuine, good character. I love you.

Reason #6: I love how positive and laid back you are. You don't get flustered easily. You're VERY in control of your emotions. You truly think things through before saying/acting. Many love you for this. Many look up to you for this. It is a unique gift. I am one of the many who love and admire you. I can see, as I have witnessed, the great blessings that come from being so positive and slow to anger. I love you.

Reason #7: I love how you are a respecter of women, whether it's me, your mom, sisters, Grandma, or a complete stranger. You are respectful. You are a gentleman. You open doors. You are aware of the women surrounding you and find it a priority to respect them. You are uplifting. You are kind. I love you.

Reason #8: I love your "no closed doors" policy. This mentality has allowed our marriage to grow (and will continue to grow) into something beautiful. No secrets. No humiliation. No lies. No judgements. Just honesty and straight-forwardness. Thank you. I love you.

Reason #9: I love and appreciate (more than you know) how neat and clean you are. It may sound silly, but it has been an enormous blessing for me. I'm not one who loves clutter, dust or ANYTHING close to it. I'm so grateful you are the same way. I love you.

Reason #10: I love how important it is to you to be the provider of our home/family. I don't like how stressed you get over it, but I love how serious you take it. I love that this is something you care deeply about. The sense of security I feel about our future, because of who you are, is beyond words. I love you.

Reason #11: I love how fun you are. You really are the life of the party! Between your random outbursts of laughter, your crazy dancing, or your spontaneousness...you're a riot! I love, love watching you! I love laughing with you. I just love you.

Reason #12: you are BY FAR the best travel buddy I could EVER wish for!! You and I just get one another. I love traveling with you, whether it's to Park City, Mexico, or Europe (hopefully in our near future!). I love you.

Reason #13: I love how you call a cookie a pastry so you can get away with eating it for breakfast. Clever, my love.

Reason #14: I love that you're all little boy inside! It's so fun to watch you play/tease your nieces and nephews, truly becoming like them. Hehe. It's inspiring. I love you.

Reason #15: I love and appreciate how you value your word. It is everything, more than your signature. You follow through with what you commit to do. You keep your promises. You are dependable. You are a hard worker. I love you.

Reason #16: I love that you introduced me to "movie marathons".I know it's been a while since we've been able to, but I love hitting up the dollar theater and seeing movie after movie with you (and sneaking in dinner)! I love you!

Reason #16: You're the only guy I know who has worn his aunts thong while doing a cannon ball into a swimming pool (but not before running around the back yard shakin' your booty). Bahahahaha! No shame, and I love it! And yes, this is a completely true story.

......accidentally posted two #16's. Ah well. :D

Reason #17: I love how patient you are with me. Even in my moments of ugliness (not speaking physically only) you wrap your arms around me and tell me you love me. You ability to be comfortable with tears, sorrow, grief, and hurt is something I cherish. Thank you for gently comforting when it has been desperately needed. I love you.

Reason #18: I love your dedication to the Minnesota Vikings & Minnesota Twins. It's inspirational. I love how you're NOT a fair-weathered fan. It goes to show you're in it for the loooong haul. I like thinking you'll treat life the same. I'm really not worried. :) I love you.

Reason #19: I love that when you get discouraged you cry. You don't get angry. You don't lash out at others. You just release the tension. You accept hugs. You hold tight to hope. You're humility is admirable. I love you.

Reason #20: I love your quarky sense of style. It's different from others but not enough where one feels like you're trying to make a statement. You're subtle in your ways. You've got style, my love. My handsome prince. I love you.

Reason #21: I love that you enjoy talking. You don't shut down after a hard day. You don't shrug me off. You don't selectively listen. You're a great conversationalist. I love it! I know I never have to "pry" or push for information about work, school, or life in general because we BOTH talk to one another. I love you.

Reason #22: I love how determined you are to share the greatest blessing in your life with others, that being the message of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You graciously share it because you truly believe in the principles taught. You share the hope, light, peace, and the many answers the church has to life's questions. You're a marvelous missionary. You set a great example for me. I love you.

Reason #23: I love our pillow talk. I know I never have to worry about you surprising me with a television for our bedroom because you value our pillow talk as much as I do. I love it when we talk and laugh just before calling it a night. Or before getting up to face the day. The reassurance and support you offer is more then I ever imagined. Thank you. I love you.

Reason #24: your sensitivity to those who are different is a blessing in my life. Rather than sit and stare you offer assistance. You find the goodness in those who may look or act different rather then judge, roll your eyes, and walk away. Again, it's your humility that kicks in. Your love of people. I love you, handsome.

Reason #25: I have been able to confide in you without fear of rejection or judgement. You simply listen and gently advise. I have told you things many don't know about me. And you have welcomed me in your arms regardless. I am so grateful for your unconditional love. I am so grateful for your acceptance of me and my faults/weaknesses. I love you.

Reason #26: I am so grateful you aren't too man enough to allow silly activities to take place while chillaxin' with Marin (10 year old niece for those wondering) I'm referring to your beautiful glitter toe nails Marin painted for you. Just lovely. ;)

Reason #27: I love doing nothing with you. Actually what I love more than that is just BEING with you. It doesn't matter what we do, so long as we're together. "Your my best friend! And I love you!!"

Reason #28: I love your incredible interior designing eye. You can make a pile of crap look like gold. How? I don't know. But you have the touch. And I'm grateful. Otherwise we may be living in space that looks a little similar to..well I'll let your imagination run free. I LOVE your style.

Reason #29: I love how much you love your parents. "They've" always told me I would know how my future husband would treat me based on how he treats his mother. I have honestly, truly, NEVER worried. You are so good to your mom. You are so respectful and kind. I've never heard you raise your voice or talk back. You take their advise and run with it. You are marvelous, Trav. I love you.

Reason #30: You are perfect. Absolutely. Completely. Thoroughly. Perfect. I love you handsome. Thank you for spending your special day with me. You are the love of my life. You are my best friend. You are mine forever. I love you.

Happy birthday my handsome prince.