January 2013

January 2013
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bragging Rights

I certainly have them and need to put them to practice.

I simply have to post how incredible my husband is. He is so great. I can't believe how helpful and supportive he's been with the whole "baby project". From day one he's been on board, no complaints, no frustration, no self-pity, NOTHING. He just sees what needs to be done and he does it.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude for this man. My endurance level is nearly extinct and my ability to lift, move, or even LOOK at heavy boxes is just as bad. Travis has been super with this. In fact, when I try to lift a box or grab something from a top shelf or put something on the top shelf he lovingly stops me and says, "No". While I don't intend to come off as needy or incompetent I certainly welcome his protection. I love his gentleman like ways. I love how protective he is of me and our little girl. Everything revolves around her and her safety and health. I am grateful he gets it. I'm grateful he's as loving and supportive as he is. I'm grateful he's patient with me as I deal with all these physical changes.

Our project is well under way. As we were transporting food storage into the new food storage room we came across something which has now led to ANOTHER PROJECT. We thought there was a leak in our bathroom. Why was this brought to our attention? Well, our bathroom shares a wall with the furnace room and water was leaking into the furnace room (the new food storage room)! I'm super paranoid about mold - as I should be - so we had a plummer come and take a look. Thankfully there's not a leak in the bathroom but there are some things that need to be replaced and fixed. So amidst all our boxes, food storage, garbage, and DI pile (donations pile) we are now tearing up our bathroom. Crazy, huh?!

The beginning of another project: shot of the tub, through the mirror, after it's been taken out.

 Where the tub used to be...

New tub installed.
Now to wait for the tile to be put in.

We had the plummer come today and take out our old tub, fix some things behind and below it, and replace it with a new tub. The sheet rock that looks like modern art will be torn out and replaced with some sort of metal thing to avoid mildew and mold. We will then have tile put in surrounding the tub. We're going to take advantage of having a professional tiler-guy here by having him tile the bathroom floor as well. To do this we will need to take our toilet and vanity out. I'm assuming we'll have both of them sitting in our living room while the tiling gets done..yay. More crap in our living room. But it makes sense. There's no point carrying them up the stairs only to carry them back down. That would be stupid, in my humble opinion. ;] 

Again, with this little kink in things Travis is totally supportive and flexible. He goes with the flow of things.

With this added project of the bathroom my goal has been to get our living room cleaned out so when we put our toilet and vanity in there it will be easy to work around. I'm nearly there. Trav took a large load to Deseret Industries (DI) and to a consignment shop this morning. Now all we have left are a couple of boxes of pictures to go through and organize, and a few bins we found of Nic and Ashley's. After that we should be free sailing! Hopefully the only thing left to pull out, organize and box up will be food storage. To help with this I went to target the other day and bought a ton of clear bins for organizing purposes. I looked like an idiot but it had to be done.

Shopping cart FULL of bins to organize food storage items in.
For example, a smaller bin will be used to safely and securely store pastas 
while a larger bin will be used to store hygiene items: hair care items, soaps, deodorants, toothpaste/toothbrushes, etc.

Here's to hoping we get the rest of the old food storage room cleaned out this weekend so we can move forward with re-carpeting and painting (painting may have to be delayed until our little girl comes because of fumes but if there's anyway to get it done before then we will - and by we I mean my boy, Travis. Don't worry. We won't jeopardize this little girl in anyway!). Then in comes all our baby stuff! So much to do!!!

I also have to brag about my parents. They have been more supportive than I thought imaginable. This is their home and here we are tearing it up, moving things around...sort of taking over. They have been awesome about it. My mom basically gave me permission to do what I felt needed to be done. Neither of them seem bothered or annoyed by our constant mess down stairs. They just allow us to do our thing, thrilled about the idea that in a little over two months they'll have a little princess living in their basement. :)

To top it all off, he took his nephew, Braxton, to scout camp for today to stay overnight. They had to drive up to Evanston, Wyoming for this scout camp!! So it's a bigger deal than just driving up the road to the nearest canyon. Travis does all this without so much as a small complaint. He just grabs his stuff and goes. I have to admit, it's pretty cute. Braxton is so excited about scouts! Trav isn't as excited about the camping part but he loves his "Brother" (Braxton calls Trav his brother, not his Uncle!).

Braxton and "Brother Trav" leaving for scout camp

Again, I have so many blessings.

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