January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, June 29, 2012

Blessed Beyond Measure

It's been a bit of a rough week for us. 

I was throwing up and really dizzy all day. 
I was asked to sing in church and had committed months ago. 
Miraculously I was able to get through my piece 
without any serious problems. 
(Answers to my pleading prayers)
Both Trav and I were relieved when I finished...
I could go home and rest.

I had a THROBBING headache, blurred vision, and nausea. 
No puking though! 
I spent the day cleaning, trying to get my mind off the pain. 
That didn't help as much as I had hoped 
but we had a nice clean kitchen. :)

I was cramping/contracting nonstop I was in pain 
all of Tuesday, Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. 
I couldn't do anything to relieve the pain either. 
I stood - I cramped. 
I sat - I cramped. 
I laid down - I cramped. 
It was awful. I spent all day in bed. 
It was a miserable day.

I woke up around 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep 
because I hurt so bad. 
At 6:30 I finally turned to Trav and told him 
we needed to go to the hospital. 
We needed to make sure everything was okay, 
make sure I wasn't in preterm labor/dilating. 
It was terrifying and incredibly painful. 
Trav was pretty concerned at this point. 
Going to the hospital was emotionally overwhelming 
for both of us. 

After being monitored for nearly three hours, 
having tests taken and waiting for results 
we were told my body was not producing the labor hormone 
(I don't remember what that is called) 
and I was NOT dilating at all.
 (Thank goodness!)
They said some bacteria was in my urine 
so I may have a bladder infection. 
They're hoping my body was cramping/contracting as a way 
of fighting the bacteria. 
I was given some antibiotics and sent home. 
Later that evening we went to our doctors for a follow up 
and he checked everything again. 

Same results: 
Baby is healthily and happily nesting 
5 centimeters above my cervix 
no dilation/preterm labor taking place whatsoever 
and still cramping like mad. 

Our doctor told us he didn't want us traveling 
as a precaution. 
He said every woman's body is different and responds differently 
to pregnancy, infection, ect. 
He said he felt the bladder infection was the cause of the cramping 
but couldn't guarantee it - so no traveling. 
We called and cancelled our flight to Minnesota. 
Thankfully the airlines credited us our airfare 
down to the penny of what we paid. 
We can use our credit anytime within the next year. 
What a blessing! This is especially wonderful 
because we didn't insure our tickets. 
(Stupid of me, I know.)

We're grateful our doctor was willing to write 
an official letter to the airlines validating our situation. 
Once that letter was received we were given the credit 
without any problems or additional fees. 
Again, what a blessing!!! 

was spent in bed. 
The cramping/contracting was considerably lighter 
but still enough that I was feeling like I should take things 
much slower 
and lower my activity for the day. 
I spent the day in bed or sitting while with family. 
It was Braxton's 15th birthday 
so we went up to Cam and Alicia's to celebrate 
and I seriously just sat the entire time. 
But hey! I felt good enough to go so I was thrilled. 
Progress is progress and I'll gladly take what I can get. 
Another blessing! 

Friday (today) 
We were supposed to be flying to MN 
but instead it was spent in bed until 1:30 this afternoon. 
My antibiotics have a drowsy side-effect warning on them 
and let me tell you: 


I went to lunch with my mom, sister-in-law and some friends 
which was nice 
but I'm still slow moving. 
Tonight is going to be the same as the rest of the week...
not much going on and that's okay with me. 
My cramps are mostly gone
just stabbing pains every now and then. 
If I sit too long I get a bit crampy when I stand back up. 
Other than that I'm doing much better. 
I really think it was a bladder infection causing the cramping. 
I hope it was anyway. 
I don't want to feel that level pain 
until we are MUCH closer to our due date 
and baby is safe to be delivered. 

So, that's been my week. 
Travis has been incredibly supportive and patient with me. 
Earlier this weekI would nearly collapse in pain just from 
bending over to pick something up off the floor. 
Travis has been wonderful to jump in. 
He carries things, 
picks things up for me, 
brings food/water to me in bed 
just so I could avoid the increase of cramping. 

I haven't been trying to be needy, but I'll tell you what, 

when the pain is consistent 
it's hard not to be needy. 

I am so grateful to have a husband 
who looks past the neediness 
and sees the pain and suffering - 
the reasoning behind it all. 
I am so blessed. 
I love him so much.

We are bummed our annual trip to Minnesota had to be cancelled 
but looking at the big picture we're 1000% okay with it 
if it means our little girl is staying put 
and I'm not [unintentionally] hurting her. 
So, I guess we'll have to take our little girly to Minnesota 
after she's born!
We'll show off how adorable she is then. :)

That's something Trav and I
look forward too.

We are so blessed. 

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Anonymous said...

Whew! So glad you are feeling better! What an awful time for you both... You are often on my mind--sending you hugs! Rest easy, my friend (and drink lots of water!)
Love to you all,