January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homecoming Celebration

Our little brother Kolton was asked to speak in our church - given a weeks notice - but it wasn't specified this would be his homecoming so I hadn't thought twice about it. Thankfully Ashley had. 

I think I've lost my mind because until she called me and told me point-blank this was his homecoming I wasn't even aware and wouldn't have done a thing to make it the celebration it deserved to be. 
We quickly started planning our last minute homecoming celebration for our little brother. 

After talking things over with Kolton and getting his go-ahead Ashley sent out facebook invites Saturday morning to those we wanted to include in this special experience. Ashley and I decided we would invite everyone over for a Sunday brunch - German pancakes, fruit, yogurt and juice (we kept it simple since it was so last minute) - and then to our first hour of church to listen to and support Kolton in his sharing his experiences in the mission field and testimony. Though last minute, we're so glad we went ahead and did this. We know many weren't able to attend and they were missed. We are grateful for those who did. 
It meant a lot to Kolton and our immediate family.

Papa and Scarlet 

The wonderful brains behind the celebration, Ashley
Cute hair cut, huh?! 

The man of the hour Kolton and Grandma 

Auriel and her boyfriend Braxton 

 Grandma takin' charge!

Nic - love the expression. :) 

 Kolton, Grandpa, Grandma Judi, Mom
Doesn't all that fruit look delicious? 
Trust me, it was!

Grandma trying her first German pancake.
She loved it so much she came back for seconds! Ha! 

My cute Grandpa and beautiful Grandma Judi 


Beautiful friend/sister, Angel, lovin' on our little bug Scarlet. 

Stephen, Ashley, David, Amy and Emma

Kolton gave a sincere, humble talk about the importance of faith. It was incredibly powerful and his testimony was from the heart. Anyone listening couldn't help but admire him and his faith as he has faced health problems with his chin up. 

Way to go, Kolt!!!

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