January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Project: Day 5

We're still working like mad to get this enormous project completed. 
We're feeling a push to have it done before my baby shower later next month.

Because Travis's sisters have HUGELY blessed our lives by giving us everything baby related.
We need to go through it before we can register for the shower - 
otherwise we won't know what we have compared to what we need.
We can't do this until we have somewhere to put all our baby stuff.
Hence, the "Baby Project".

Make sense?

So here are some pictures documenting our progress. 
Our feet and backs are aching.
We feel like we have dust in our eyes, up our noses and in our ears.
We'll be so relieved when this is over and things are situated.
Until then we are holding onto this one truth: 
this little bundle is totally worth it.

Trav finished emptying out the furnace room and gave the shelves a thorough wipe down
Thus the wet and dry shelving.  :)

Then we started hauling food storage over.
This was wonderful and awful at the same time. 
We wiped down and moved those bottled peaches and jams three times. Ugh!  

We tried to organize as we moved food in, you know, the whole kill-two-birds-with-one-stone mentality.
Notice the bottled peaches/jams are now spread out on the third shelf 

Our completed work for the night
(from the hallway looking in)
Notice the bottled peaches/jam are now pushed back on the third shelf. 
We put the metal shelving from the old food storage room into the furnace room 
(where Trav had knocked out warped wood shelving) 
and put most of the bottled goods there.

Corner 1
We didn't do a whole lot with this corner of the room

Corner 2
We moved quite a bit from this corner. 
Plenty left to do but progress is progress.

Corner 3
Touched on this corner...

Corner 4
We obviously focused most of our energy on this area of the room.

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Makenzie said...

love it!! I am a bit OCD about organizing, etc so I love what you are doing. If only I had that motivation ;)