January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Seven Months of Wonderful

Kozette, 7 months, with some seriously cute bed-head

1. Has two bottom teeth and two more coming on top. She may look like a cute little vampire for a bit.

2. Rolls over every chance she gets. This one can't hold still! She's crazy!

3. She's trying to crawl

4. Can't sit on her own but can with a little support
Sitting in the bumbo eating some lunch

5. LOVES her cousins
Marin's a natural with Kozette 

Braxton giving Kozette a hug...lol! 

 Grayson made a rattle for Kozette to play with while he was at school. It was enormous. And cute.

Grayson & Kozette

Kozette & Keegan

 Scarlet & Kozette

 Kozette & Berkley

Scarlet & Kozette kissing

Scarlet & Berkley playing together

6. Grabs everything
-While at Costco a woman walked by pushing her cart and Kozette tried to grab her cart. The woman smiled and said, "Almost!" as she walked past. This little girl's hands are FAST!

7. She's starting to identify who her Daddy and Mommy are. It's cute.

8. Does NOT like to be left for even a second. She likes to have her eyes on everyone at all times.

9. Starting to notice animals, buttons, bows, etc. She really likes to play with little things on people's shirts (while being held) so we have to watch her closely. Her fine motor skills are developing.

10. Loves to be tossed in the air, swung side to side, bounced. She just loves to be held and loved.

11. Loves to be teased and tickled by her daddy - she laughs so hard she snorts. We LOVE her snorts!!

12. Eating rice cereal and some pureed vegetables (carrots, squash and sweet potatoes)
-HATES PEAS! I'm hopeful we can change this. My hope is she'll love veggies as much as fruits. We'll see...

13. Kicks and flails her arms like crazy. This makes changing her diaper a tad difficult.

 Cutest little butt!

14. Right around 15lbs
-I took her to the doctors a couple of weeks ago because I thought she had an ear infection (she didn't!) and she weighed 14lbs 8oz.

15. Absolutely loves to bathe.

16. She's a lover of music
-I put her down for her nap or for the night by swaddling her and singing to her. She calms down pretty quick, for the most part, and falls to sleep.

17. Doesn't mind being on her tummy. This is a huge change from when she was first born. She hated being on her tummy.

18. Kozette is very expressive. She smiles and smiles and smiles. Her gummy smiles are THE BEST!

19. Loves to touch and play with anything with texture or that makes noise. For example: wrappers, boxes, blankets, towels, hair, paper towels, paper, skin (she's really into smacking skin because she likes the sound it makes), etc.

20. Doesn't really care for her car seat. We're hoping this will change since she has to be in it every time we go anywhere...

21. She loves to have her face covered. We don't know why. We just know she loves to have her face covered. She'll use anything: her bib, blankets, towels, etc. It's so bizarre and so cute!

22. Her new thing is to open her mouth really wide and breathe out at you. She does this when she's excited or likes what you're doing. It's hilarious!

23. Enjoys going on walks with mommy

Sometimes her little cousin, Scarlet, likes to join us. :)

24. Blows out almost daily. It's awful.

25. Sleeps in the most awkward position

26. Still refuses a bottle...except this once time while at church. The bottle had baby food in it and she took it. She shocked us all. 

Travis and I love this cute little bug-a-boo so much. 

She is our joy. 

She is our everything. 

Happy seven months baby!

Friday, April 26, 2013


I went back to school Fall of 2008.  

And I finally completed my undergrad this semester.

I say this in the most sincere way possible: 
I could not have done this without the belief and support of many people:

1. Travis
  • The love of my life. Travis has been incredibly supportive and patient with me as I tackled many assignments, performances, trips, etc. He attended EVERYTHING. He supported me participating in EVERYTHING. I don't think it's possible to understand how time consuming music is unless you're married to a musician or you are a musician. Travis made the whole thing possible. 
  • There were many nights I would be in tears feeling like I wasn't capable, feeling limited. He would give me one of his amazing hugs and say, "It's okay, Babe. Just take it one day at a time." I am so grateful for his insight. I love my Mr. Braun.

2. My parents

  • They have allowed us to live in their basement while I finished. This has been a huge relief for us as we haven't had to stress about finances because of their kindness. Not only did they offer us peace of mind, they also offered their unending support. When I was discouraged, they were there. When I was overwhelmed, they were there. When I was performing, they were there. When I was struggling, they were there. They have ALWAYS been there. I simply can't say enough about them and how grateful I am for the enormous sacrifice they made in our behalf.

3. My Mercydez
  • Mercydez changed me in a deeper way then I've ever experienced. My Mercydez is. That may not make sense to you but it makes complete sense to me. She simply "is". Thank you my little fudge bur-ownieeeee! I lubba you.

4. My siblings
  • Kade & Megan
  • Nic & Ashley
  • Kacey
  • Kody
  • Auriel
  • Kolton
    • Ashley, Auriel and Megan were my little cheerleaders when I was preparing for my junior recital. This was a big undertaking, bigger than I realized. The night before my recital my sisters stayed up until the wee hours of the night/morning making beautiful refreshments for those who attended. Everything flowed beautifully and I credit them. They pitched in and worked together. It was absolutely amazing. 
    • My brothers aren't into opera or the world of classical singing but they attended performance after performance. I remember looking at one of my brothers during a specific performance and he had tears streaming down his cheeks. Music is powerful. Family bonds are even more so. That was a very tender, sacred moment I'll hold onto for the rest of my life. 
      • I love my family. Family is everything to me.

5. My Grandparents
  • Music was/is a huge part of all of my Grandparent's lives, this was the case with both sides of the family. Whether it was the organ in their living room or the piano, there has been music. I am grateful for the way they have inspired and influenced me. They have also believed in me and 'my music'.

6. My wonderful in-laws
  • I almost hesitate calling them my in-laws because to me they are more than family by law. I love them as my own, legally bound or not. 
    • My parents-in-law, Bruce and Mary Kay, have always been interested in my educational experiences and opportunities. They are constantly asking how things are going, what's new, etc. Although they live many, many miles away they find ways to be supportive and "show up". One of many examples is they watched my recital via the live webcast, which was wonderful. I didn't ask them to do this, it's just what they do. They care. They're involved. They're incredibly thoughtful and aware. I love them.
    • Cam & Alicia: We have become very close to Cam and Alicia over the years. It helps we live near each other. Despite their incredibly busy and demanding schedules they find time to show their love and support. They show up. Even when it's not the most convenient. I can't tell you what this has meant to me. 
7. My friends
  • Both my life-long friends and those I've made since returning to school have been...I don't know what word to use...amazing...I have a deep love and respect for my friends.

8. Serena
  • This woman is a master at her art. She is an incredible musician and one of my closest friends. Serena is my vocal teacher and has shaped me and my voice. She is honestly incredible, a master at what she does. I have always said, and will continue to say, I was lead to her by divine intervention. We get each other. I told her she is my "bosom friend" and I mean it. I am excited to continue my studies with her throughout the years. I absolutely love and adore this woman. 

9. Kozette
  • This little girl has, without knowing it, pushed me to complete what I started. I did this not only for myself but for her and her future siblings. I want our children to know how important an education is. I want them to know this not only through talking about it but by showing them through example. I love my bug-a-boo more than life. 

Onward and upward...
 Sorry it's blurry. I was in the process of "walking". :)