January 2013

January 2013
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby/Toy Room Project: The Beginning...still

So before we can even begin work on the food storage/catch-all room and convert that into our baby room we have to clean out (I mean C.L.E.A.N.) the furnace/storage room. 
We decided to dive in and started this past weekend. 
Here are some pics (for documenting purposes). 

Again, the ONE & ONLY RULE: 

Furnace/Storage Room: before we cleaned it out
(most of this is mine and Travis') 

Mostly emptied out but now I need to do a DEEP clean and tear out some of the warped shelving and replace it with the metal shelving in the current food storage/catch-all room.

 I have the great opportunity to go through all this stuff and repackage (if necessary) before taking it to Nic and Ashley's to store in their attic.
We're SO GRATEFUL they are willing to store everything until we get our own place.
Until then we have no where to go with it so it is in our hallway and living room.
We look like hoarders, I know.

So, this weekend I will be spending my time organizing this crap, then we're taking it to Nic and Ashley's.
All things considered, I'm excited because this is one step closer to our little girl having a little room. :]

By the way, that window in the top-middle of the last picture (white trim) is a window into the future baby room. 
We have some really cute decorating plans. 
I seriously can't wait to get going on it!!! 
My amazing husband is awesome enough to help me with this w/out a complaint. 
Beyond moving, lifting, helping package everything - only to lift and move it again, he said he would sand and repaint for me! 
I love him. 

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