January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good intentions :)

Two months later here we are. I am almost done with my student teaching at this point. I literally have 10 school days left. While this is exciting (one step closer to graduation) it is also sad. I have come to love and respect the students I work with. I have a high respect for my cooperating teacher. I am impressed with the administration and other faculty members at this school. Really, I have been very lucky in my student teaching experience.

After I'm done with the student teaching part, I have three ENORMOUS projects I will need to complete by April 16th. After that I am done with my semester. Yipee!!! One more down - ONE LEFT. Yup, I still have one more semester left but I'm not too worried. It's going to be incredibly easy compared to any other semester in the past. I will be taking ONE class. When that class is over I will apply for graduation! I can't believe I'm that close. It seems like it's been a long time coming. Lots of hard work, stress, tears, exhaustion, success, growth, time and money. I just have to keep breathing and keep my motivation high so I can finish. At this point I want to find a hole and hide in it. Maybe hibernate for a few months.

The opera I was in, La traviata, was a wonderful experience. I feel I learned so much working with experienced performers. It was awesome! I hope to continue performing. I was eating everything up - as much as I could anyway. Thank you to those of you who were able to come. I know it was a first for many of you (wink, wink) and I appreciate your support. Hopefully I'll have pictures in the near future. I thought I'd have them by now...

Travis has been doing really well. He's a trooper. I'm so grateful he doesn't get stuck in dumb thoughts (I often do). I'm grateful he is capable of taking on each day as if it's a new day. His perspective is refreshing for me. I've noticed a trend in his family: they're all hard workers and they take things head on. They don't over think things or allow themselves to fall into thoughts of hopelessness or discouragement. I am so, so grateful for their outlook and the way they have influenced me. I have a long ways to go but I'll take progression in any form, large or small.

Travis's hard work and good nature has been noticed by his administrators at school and his principle has approached him about many different opportunities. I guess they see what a good guy they have and they want to use him as much as possible. I think this recognition is well deserved. He works hard. He's very dependable. He's quality.

As for Nic and Ash, they welcomed their little princess, Scarlet, into the world last month. She's beautiful. I could kiss her all day and still want to eat her up. She is so feminine and sweet. Scarlet is unique in that she is very, VERY observant of people and her surroundings. From day one, I kid you not, she was staring at people. It feels like she's peering into your soul. And it's not the stare where you know she's tapped out of reality - it's the focused-very-attentive type of stare where you can almost feel her thinking. She's a doll. I'll post some pictures of her in the near future too. But as a fair warning, you'll fall madly in love with her. She's my little lady bug. And Trav is equally smitten with her. He can't seem to get enough of her. I love it, though. I love that he loves her.

Kolton is still home trying to figure out what in the world is going on with him and the horrible headaches he suffering. My parents have taken him to nearly every kind of doctor imaginable. Still nothin'. It's frustrating but inspiring because Kolton doesn't really complain all that much. He's a trooper.

Well, I best be going. I can't promise anything - at least not until I'm done with my student teaching and huge projects. ;) But I'll do my best to get some pics uploaded for you.