January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby/Toy Room Project: The Beginning


So Trav and I live with my parents, have for a few years while I've gone back to school to get my degree. They have this room they organized as their food storage room. 
The only problem is with so many bodies in the house the room has sort of become the CATCH-ALL room, as you'll quickly be able to see. 

I know my mom is going to be MORTIFIED when she sees these pictures - kinda like airing out dirty laundry - but my purpose isn't to humiliate. My purpose is to document the progress made! I love before/after pictures and I totally want to document this for our little girl's baby book. I think it will be fun for her to see what we did to prepare for her arrival.

This food storage room is going to be converted into our baby room. 
We know she'll be sleeping in our room with us for the first 6-ish months but we still need somewhere to put all her clothes, toys, etc. 
This is going to be the room.
We are going to repaint and [hopefully] re-carpet and then...
But first we need to clean it out and organize it. 
Before we can even start working on this room we need to clean out the furnace/storage room (see other post).

Current food storage/catch-all room: corner 1

Current food storage/catch-all room: corner 2

Current food storage/catch-all room: corner 3

Current food storage/catch-all room: corner 4

Current food storage room/catch-all room: wall between corners 2 & 3

Crazy to think that in a few short weeks this will be our baby room!!! 
We have some exciting plans once it's cleaned out, painted, and re-carpeted! 
I'm so grateful my parents are supportive of this willing to let us take over yet another room.
I feel like we're slowly taking over their entire house.
They're wonderful to let us stay here so long and make their home our home.