January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Baby Project: Day 4

We made three trips down to Nic and Ashley's.
Thankfully Travis is a packing genius and can make our car hold much more than I imagined!
This picture doesn't do our tetris-like-car justice. It was PACKED.

All our newly packaged boxes in Nic and Ashley's living room waiting to be hauled up to the attic.
I intentionally distributed the items in the larger boxes into smaller boxes so when the guys were loading stuff up a ladder they wouldn't break their backs. 
So, the large boxes were light while the smaller boxes were heavier. 

The dreaded ladder and opening to the attic.

The attic isn't very high so Trav and Kolton had to wear knee pads while up there since they couldn't stand.
I sure love this guy. 

 Dun, dun, DUN! The attic!

I had requested that we pull all our baby stuff out of the attic before putting our other stuff in. 
Travis' sisters have really set us up and blessed our lives tremendously in all-things-baby.
We had to take Nic and Ash's truck home, leaving our car at their place, because we had so much to take back. It was shocking and very humbling to see how blessed we are because of his family's generosity.

Travis was back in the attic pulling baby items out and putting the newly packaged items in. Kolton was at the opening either throwing things down or taking things from Nic. 

When everything was where it needed to be and Travis was finally able to come out of the attic he looked awful. Truthfully, I was worried. He was so red and sweaty the blood vessels in his face were poking out.
It looked like the smallest tap would make a vessel pop.
I had him stand in front of a swamp cooler and after cooling down significantly he laid down. 
This picture doesn't come close to how bad he looked.

I wasn't able to get a pic of Kolt but he looked pretty bad too. 
He was literally dripping sweat and red from the heat. 
I know they're happy to be done with this and I am happy for them too. 

This is what our living room now looks like. 
Still odds and ends to put away but nothing like the mess it's been the last week!

My goals for the remainder of the week
1) Completely empty out and deep clean the furnace room 
2) Finish organizing and cleaning our living room

Once this is done I can focus on moving the food storage into the newly cleaned furnace room. :)

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