January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, August 31, 2012

My Beautiful, Beautiful Baby Shower

Pictures say a thousand words.
This is good because there's A LOT I could go on and on and on about.
But, for your sake, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Can I just say I have the most thoughtful family in the world?
I am so, so blessed.
My two wonderful sisters who put the whole thing together.
I love and appreciate these two women.
I am so grateful for their gift of a beautiful baby shower.

Adorable center pieces. 
And yes, this yard is incredible - complete with a GORGEOUS waterfall.

Marin was on baby duty and did a fantastic job.
 I love the expression on Scarlet's face! Ha!!
All the while Berkley was just chillin' in her carseat.

Setting up all the yummy deliciousness!

Everyone commented on the refreshment table.
Isn't it lovely?!

Proof of the incredible generosity of others.

 Aunt Alicia gave this ADORABLE giraffe-printed dress. 
She'll be so cute in it. 
Ah!!! I can hardly contain myself!!

 Blessed with so many cute, cute, CUTE outfits, dresses, shoes/socks, headbands, etc! 

Both Trav and I are overwhelmed with gratitude. 
People are so giving.
We are so blessed.

 Marin, the fashionista, made sure our little lady had PLENTY of fashionable items
including, but not limited to a zebra print bib!
Love it!

 Thanks Dad & Mom [Braun]!!!!
This will DEFINITELY be put to good use!

Marin was crazy about the hippo.
She just HAD to get her picture taken with it.
(on the other side of the waterfall there was an enormous giraffe)

Family is everything, peeps.
Family is everything.

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