January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chillaxin' with the Smith Boys

Trav and I are chillaxin' with the boys while Cam and Alicia are on a weekend get-away in Vegas.

Marin's in Washington State visiting Aunt Kahli so I'm the only gal in the house.
That's okay, I can handle it. ;)

The boys had a dance party...

 Keegan danced his little heart out!

 Yes, Braxton was shakin' his groove thang!
He made his Uncle Trav proud. ;)

 Grayson was the DJ

We took the boys to Trafalga for a night of
rides, mini-golf and laser tag

Trav was a great sport and rode all the rides with the boys.
This was HILARIOUS to watch because he didn't fit in the back seat -
he nearly split his pants.
Ash and I were near tears from laughing so hard!!!

 This was the only way Trav fit in the airplane - with one leg out.
Thankfully the employees at Trafalga let him fly like this.

 Grayson was TOTALLY into flying the airplane.
Every time they flew by I could hear him screaming as if he were the pilot, making noises like he was part of the engine...ya know. Typical boy stuff.

We've also had some down time at home.
 Braxton's into numbers.
Notice all the numbers on his writing boards as he's intently working on his calculator.

Keegan & Grayson are all over the legos.
You should see some of the things they build!

This is one of Grayson's homes he's built.
Notice the garage with a motorcycle parked in it...
I'm telling you, these boys are really creative in their building!

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