January 2013

January 2013
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Baby Project - Day 7

Just to clarify, when I post "Day 1" or "Day 7" or whatever the "DAY" may be
I hope you understand that I'm not meaning an actual day.
I'm meaning HOURS and HOURS of pure hell.

So, please be slow to judge when I tell you we are still in the process of finishing things up.
But we're happy to report it's coming together nicely.

Is complete!

Everything is re-installed.
We have new tile on the floor and shower, freshly painted walls and trim, and no leaks!

is clean and usable again!!!

Sorry for the spots on the picture. 
I think I need to clean the lens on my camera.

If you look down the hallway you can see a few bins.
That's all that's remaining from our enormous project.
Totally do-able!

is nearly done -
just a bit of organizing and rearranging remaining 
and it'll be COMPLETE!

It looks tight and crunched but that's because of the large buckets on the left. 
We plan to put those under the shelving on the right, which will open things up.
But for now it'll work. :)

And presenting.......
We tore out the old, ugly brown linoleum 
and had the room re-carpeted.
We then had my dad put on some BEAUTIFUL trim.

As you can see we're starting to move some of our baby stuff in.

 The baby room doesn't have a closet 
so off to IKEA we went and picked up a simple little thing and assembled it.
The assembling was a nightmare but Trav handled it like a pro.

I helped where and when I could.
After trying to relieve him - his back was killing him - I decided to be an assistant rather than a leader.
You see, when trying to screw in a screw all I seemed to do was drop the screw and lose it.
When I tried to put parts together all I seemed to do was put it together crooked.
When reading instructions I seemed to lose my place or confuse the poor guy.
I'm grateful he was able to laugh at me rather than roll his eyes and get annoyed.
I was honestly trying to be helpful but failed. 

So, hand him this, hand him that. 
Hold this, move that.
Take out the pile of garbage, organize various [small] pieces...
Sure, I can do that without messing up. ;)

He's so patient.
I sure love and appreciate him.

The finished closet, 
[It's there for now but we're not going to keep it in this corner]
a mirror I want to refinish and hang
[for safety reasons it won't happen until after the pregnancy]
 and a cedar chest I made in high school. 
[It will probably be used as a toy chest]

The room is small but I think it will meet our needs perfectly.

Now all we have to do is:
1) Clean out my brothers room and bring all-things-baby down to her room
2) Wash & organize her clothes, shoes, accessories, etc
3) Arrange and finish the room

The past few months have been a little...tense...to say the least.
I've been overwhelmed by these projects.
Going into it I knew it was going to be hard.
Let's just say I was 
Lacking in judgement.

Thankfully Travis helped with the majority of it.
He stuck by my side and took things head on.
Had I not had his help and energy I would have quit a long time ago.
Forget it.
I'm done.
I quit.

I'm feeling much better now.

I'll post the finished projects once we have everything set up and ready. :)

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