January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anxiety Attack

I haven't posted this past week because I haven't done a whole lot on our baby project. There were some kinks in my plans and I've been working around them. I'm hoping next week will be better.

Our bathroom still isn't complete which means our toilet and vanity are STILL sitting in our living room. I'm hopeful they'll be back in the bathroom by Monday - Tuesday at THE ABSOLUTE latest. It's been exciting to see the bathroom transformed but I'm ready to have it back and working at this point.

Other than the toilet and vanity our living room is crap free. I was finally able to go through and organize my mom's boxes of pictures. That was a crazy experience! Let's just say I was one UGLY teenager. Ew. Beyond my disgust of how I fixed my hair and dressed it was fun to find pictures of my siblings, my parents as they were dating and on their wedding day. I laughed a lot when remembering family vacations, camping trips, activities, etc. Now those pictures are organized and stored in a water-proof bin. I had fun going through them but I'm glad I'm done.

The baby room is getting pretty darn close to being empty. As I mentioned above I've had a bit of a kink in my plans this week so I honestly haven't done much in the baby room besides walk by it, look in and sigh an overwhelming sigh. I swear this will never end! Why can't this stuff just grow legs, walk into the new food storage room and organize themselves?! GRRRRR!

As I've been feeling overwhelmed with the fact that we're still not done with this baby project I decided to look at pictures from a few weeks ago, just so I could come to appreciate how far we've gotten rather than focus on what's left. Let me tell you, seeing some of those pictures honestly gave me an anxiety attack! Oh my gosh! We've really come far and to even think about where we started makes my heart thump pretty darn hard. Ugh. I'm so grateful the beginning is done. I think that was by far the hardest and most overwhelming part. I'm so glad it was at the beginning that we pulled all our stuff out, went through it, re-organized and re-packaged it all. If I was told I had to do it again I would say, "Forget it. I'm done. We just won't have a baby room - that or else we'll just have to move - because I'm not doing that again."

That's my update for the week. I'm hopeful next week's post will be full of updated pictures showing lots of progress made and especially a finished bathroom. I want that toilet and vanity out of our living room, dang it!

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