January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, August 17, 2012

Busy as a Bee

I have more pictures to post but don't have the time to do it right now.
Okay, that's a lie.
I'm too tired to locate, connect and upload pics from my camera.
I will get them posted within the next few days though. 

bAbY rOoM
I have to say I have the most wonderful, thoughtful mom ever
Last weekend, while Trav and I were taking care of Cam and Alicia's boys, my mom decided to tackle what was left in the baby room. 
She COMPLETELY cleaned it and took out the old, nasty carpet that was in there. 
Both Trav and I were BLOWN away. 
Honestly, I've been working up the courage, energy - whatever you want to call it - to finish. 
Coming home was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise. 
It was honestly and answer to my prayers. 
All I could do was stand in the doorway of the baby room and say "Wow." over and over and over... Even now, days later, I find myself looking in that room to make sure it really is cleaned out 
What a blessing!!!
Thank you, Mom. 
I can't begin to tell you how grateful Trav and I are for your thoughtfulness and sacrifice.

Other good news, our bathroom is basically back to normal. 
We're just doing the finishing touches on our shower/tub and it'll be D.O.N.E. 
We finally got the vanity and toilet re-installed Monday, hallelujah!

lIvInG rOom
I spent Tuesday cleaning like a mad woman. 
I seriously spent eight hours doing a deep clean on our living room. 
I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have that room back to normal and SPOTLESS!!! 
I even went so far as cleaning the trim along the floor. 
I vacuumed the room nearly five times because there was so much dust everywhere. 

You may think I'm over-exaggerating about the amount of dust but think about it:
-We completely tore up our bathroom 
-We cleaned out and re-organized that horrendous food storage room 
-We cleaned out, emptied, reorganized and repackaged all our crap from the furnace room. 
Three of the dustiest rooms in the house 
and they were all tackled within the last month and a half. 
Let's just say it was honestly dust overload. 
But most of it is gone now! 

I spent Wednesday wiping down our bathroom. 
I thoroughly washed everything except the bathtub because it's still being finished, as stated above. 
I went so far as to wipe down our light fixture! 
I'm definitely nesting right now but I also think I'm ready for this baby/bathroom project to be 
completed and behind me. 
I'm pretty sure Travis feels the same way.

ThIs CoMiNg WeEk...
If all goes as planned we're supposed to have the baby room re-carpeted this next week. 
I'll be sure to take before and after pictures and post them. 
I'm really, really excited about the finished project. 
I think it's going to be simple, cute little room. 
It will be a relief to have somewhere to go with all our baby stuff too. 
Right now it's being stored in my brother's room while he's out in Kentucky for the summer. 
I think we have it timed just right though.
 Everything should be done and moved when he gets back.
He won't even know we used his room as a temporary baby storage unit. ;) 
Cross your fingers things go as planned!!

OtHeR pRoJeCtS
[yEs, ThErE's MoRe!]

Beyond finishing the tub/shower and re-carpeting the baby room, 
Trav and I are also planning on rearranging and deep cleaning our room. 
So we can fit a rocking chair and pack-and-play in there comfortably. 
Why are we getting this set up and ready this early in the game? 
Because I'm supposed to start babysitting Kade and Megan's little baby girl, Berkley, this coming week. I need somewhere to lay her down for naps and to feed/rock her. 
I figure we'll need to get things set up in the near future, what's a few weeks early?! 
Travis is incredibly wonderful and supportive of this, as usual. 
I sure love that man. 

BaBy GiRl BrAuN
Well, baby girl is doing good. 
I had an appointment yesterday and my tummy is measuring at 30 cm. 
Her heart rate is 147 bpm which is exactly where she needs to be! 
Next Wednesday we have an ultrasound scheduled. 
I'll be sure to let you know how things look. :)

Travis has almost met his goal of creating nine new pieces over the summer break. 
He starts school next Thursday and is in the middle of his ninth and final piece - 
and he will have met his goal! 
Once he completes this one I'll post all nine pieces so you can see what he's been doing all summer. He's done awesome work. 
I've tried to stay out of his way as much as possible so he could complete his nine pieces. 
Thankfully it's lookin' like my distance will pay off! ;)

I'm doing pretty good. 
I've been hit by the fatigue train known as the third trimester. 
I had no idea I could feel this tired. 
However, I have been getting up around 6:30 each morning and going for a 2 mile walk. 
I have come to love this time outside. 
It's incredibly beautiful. 
I come home feeling refreshed and ready for the day. 
I make myself my daily protein shake and take on the morning. 
But come 12 or 1:00 I'm WASTED. 
It's nutzo!!!!!!
I feel like I'm only able to take on a little each day before my body is rebelling, begging to lay down. 
I have succumbed and napped on many occasions. 
But I always try to accomplish something before caving, 
even if that something is running a few errands 
or making, eating and cleaning up lunch. 
Ha! Sounds ridiculous but some days really are that exhausting.
I try not to dwell on it too much to avoid getting down and depressed.
I mean when you really think about all my body is involved in right now it's no wonder I'm so tired.

iN cLoSiNg
I spent the last six hours deep cleaning the kitchen and living room upstairs. 
I'm pooped and my feet are throbbing. 
Taking a nap or watching a movie sounds incredible right about now. 

I hope this update finds you doing well. 

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