January 2013

January 2013
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Friday, August 31, 2012

Chillaxin' with the Smith Boys, Part II

The last time I posted about our weekend with the Smith boys 
(our wonderful nephews) 
we were in the middle of our weekend with them.
Things have started to calm down a bit since then so I am now just posting the remaining pictures.


We took the boys swimming at the local rec-center. 
They loved it. :)

Grayson was so excited to show us his tricks off the diving board.

He thought about going off the high dive but wasn't comfortable with it...that's okay. 
One day.

Keegan stayed in the kiddie pool area.
It was a pretty rockin' kiddie pool with slides, toys, etc. 

Braxton floated around what I calleded "the donut". 
He swam around this big circle over and over and over again. 
He loved every minute of it as you can see.

Sunday Morning Shaving

Trav was getting ready for church Sunday morning when Keegan came in 
and started asking questions about 
what he was doing, 
why he was doing it, 
how he was doing it, 

Rather than talk about it, Trav decided to show him. :)
Here's a step-by-step pictorial showing you how cute the whole things was.

Step One:
Apply shaving cream

Step Two: 
Make sure shaving cream is correctly and thoroughly spread on ones face.

Step Three: 
*Trav had Keegan shave with his finger rather than a razor for obvious reasons*

Keegan kept his eye on Trav to make sure he was doing it the way Uncle Trav was doing it.

Step Four:
Wash off remaining shaving cream

Step Five:
Check your work

Uncle Trav gave him an "A+" for his good work. ;)

I had to include this picture because I thought it was so cute. 
Each morning Keegan would come into the bedroom and cuddle up to Trav, quickly falling back to sleep. 
I'm assuming Keeg's does this with his parents but I still thought it was cute!

We had quite a bit of fun with these boys! 

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Makenzie said...

that is the cutest thing ever!! He is going to be a great dad.