January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our results, as promised

Well, the results are in!

Travis met with his principle and was told good things. The principle emphasized how well Travis interacted with his students. The only suggestion given was that Travis ask more open-ended questions. Not bad, eh?! Of all the things to work on, it's something that's an easy fix. Bravo, Cutie!!

Travis is an incredible person -- which means he can't be anything less than an incredible teacher. Honestly. The staff and students alike seem to admire and enjoy Travis. I'm so please with him. He does so much for me. And he never complains. Ever. He just does what he needs to do. I love that Travis is so dependable. What a great characteristic to have. Always where he says he'll be, when he says he'll be there, doing what he said he'd do. Travis is an excellent example to me.

In regards to the actual J-PASS score coming back, that will take a little longer. When the school gets the results back, Travis will meet with the principle again. So, as soon as we know anything we'll let you know.

As for me and my audition...

the information was posted today and I got the soprano part in the duet (which is the piece I knew from beginning to end) and I get the great pleasure of singing with another vocal major who I've performed with before. She's awesome! So, I'm stoked. The solo piece was given to someone else, but I was listed as the alternate, which means I'll need to learn it. I don't mind too much. The music is absolutely gorgeous. It's good to have it under my belt for future opportunities. :)

So, there are our results -- all positive.


Anonymous said...

Many, many congratulations to you both! Great news!

nicholaus said...

Yay for good news, all around!!!!!

Good job to BOTH of you.

By the way, we really, really, really miss you guys. Just thought you should know.