January 2013

January 2013
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The beginning of the end

In a few days it will be the last month of the semester. I'm thrilled about it -- and terrified. I have A LOT to do before then. Blogging isn't helping, but it's a great distraction. :)

In case you don't believe me, I thought I'd post my schedule. Yes, feel sorry for me. That's the point. ;)

Friday, April 1st: Dress Rehearsal for Dixit Dominus

Monday, April 4th @ 7:00: Perform Dixit Dominus @ The Covey Center
Tuesday, April 5th @ 5:30: Concert Choir Performance @ Orem Library
Wednesday, April 6th: Opera Workshop Dress rehearsal @ 5:30
Thursday, April 7th: Perform in class
Friday, April 8th @ 6:45: Small Ensembles Performance
*I'm learning the oboe and play in a small ensemble...it's fun.
Saturday, April 9th @ 6:45: Help fundraise for piano scholarships
*I'm on scholarship to usher events, advertise, fundraise, etc. basically I'm a slave
Sunday, April 10th @ 8:00: Perform Dixit Dominus at The Cathedral of the Madeleine

Monday, April 11th: Opera workshop dress rehearsal
Tuesday, April 12th: Chamber Choir performance at Orem Library @ 7pm
Wednesday, April 13th: Opera Workshop Performance
Thursday, April 14th: Therapy (yes, I'm still going. And yes, I'm an advocate of it!)
Friday, April 15th: Opera Workshop Performance
Saturday, April 16th: Chamber Choir performance at the Springville Art Museum @ 3pm

Monday, April 18th: Usher Orchestra's end-of-semester Concert
Tuesday, April 19th: Women's/Concert Choir AND Honors Octet Concert
*I'm in ALL THREE ensembles
Wednesday, April 20th: Usher Percussion's end-of-semester Concert
Thursday, April 21st: Usher Wind Symphony end-of-semester Concert
Friday, April 22nd: Usher Jazz Band's end-of-semester Concert
Saturday, April 23rd: Chamber Choir Concert
*I'm in Chamber Choir so I won't be ushering

Monday, April 25th - Friday, April 29th: FINALS!!!!!
Friday, April 29th: Perform with Honor's Octet at Graduation Ceremony
Sunday, May 1st: Chamber Choir performance at Holocaust Memorial Ceremony at the state capital @ 2pm


I have no idea where I'm supposed to fit in eating, sleeping, studying, practicing, working, and most importantly, TRAVIS! I've forewarned him that the next month is going to be UgLy!

I told you I was busy. And this is only my schedule -- I have no idea what Travis's looks like. :s

Pray for us.

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