January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Saturday, March 19, 2011


So I'm on the bus right now. Believe it or not I'm doing qite well emotionally. I looked at our choir manager (I'm calling her 32-going-on-16 now) and I don't want to skin her (yet). So, the day's starting out well. Phew.

It's still rainy, windy, and cold here in San Francisco. It's FrEaKiNg cold. But I have my rad rain boots and my sweaters. All I need is my boy, a blanket, fireplace and a movie. Anyway, I re-read some of my posts (after reading an email from my beloved in-laws...hehe) and wanted to apologize if my writing style offends. I'm cold. I'm tired. I'm honest. And when I finally sit down to write I just don't care anymore. :) I know I didn't offend them, but I don't know what YOU'RE thinking. Yes, I'm straight forward. Yes, I'm honest. Isn't it fun?! I think I'm funny....

Okay, well, please continue to ignore my MANY typo's. This little phone is not the ideal computer. But it'll suffice. I'll post pictures of this tour when I get home and have a real computer.

Stay awesome (lol).

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