January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

just thinking...

It's so interesting to me that no matter who I'm with...if I don't have Travis with me I feel lonely. I haven't been alone but I feel alone. He's been out working since we got here...working 10 hour days...I just don't like being with out him. It's not that I feel like I have to be in the same room with him or anything. I just like knowing he's close. I like knowing where he is. Trav and I have always been like that with one another. We're one of the few couples in the world who like to be together after so many years of marriage.

One memory is brought to mind when thinking about this. Trav and I go to the Chiropractor weekly. We have for a few years now. We love our chiropractor. Anyways one week we were able to go in for our adjustment together for a change (we usually go seperate because our schedules are so different) and we were talking, teasing, and laughing with one another. We thought we were being rather quiet but I guess we weren't. One lady looked over her book and said something like, "You two seem very happy to be together. Are you guys married?" (I hadn't been wearing my ring on this particular day...I don't remember if it was being cleaned or what...) We told her we were married. She then said, "How long have you been married? A couple of months?" When we told her we'd been married for a few years her jaw literally DROPPED. I've never seen anyone react like this lady did. She then said, "WOW. And you still like each other THIS MUCH!?!?" We just smiled and giggled. But the sad thing is is that she was slightly serious. It's sad what happens to a lot of relationships. Every situation/relationship is different and I know that. I just think it's sad when people drift a part. I think it's even more sad when people are shocked when a couple actually likes one another after being married for over a year or two. What kind of expectations do we have...or don't we have? It's heart breaking. I like my husband as much as I love him. I dare say it's the same for him as well.

And that was that.

We really do have a good time together. I guess that's "the deal" with us - we're as much friends as we are lovers. We had a long distance relationship for over a year. All we could do was talk so we got to know each other on a level others don't have the opportunity to...when rushing into things...or even when not. Sometimes the physical gets in the way of the mental, emotional, and spiritual. It's very easy for that to happen. There's was NOTHING to get in our way because all we had to hold was a telephone. No hand. No body. Just a phone.

I just can't wait until he's done working and we can go for a drive together, or go walk around a lake while eating ice cream at night (it's amazing...you should try it!), or go walk through a garden. Next week!

Tonight we're going to go cheer Nolan on at his baseball game. Nolan is a hard-core jock. I say that with love. He's into EVERY sport you can think of...well maybe not nascar. I'm excited to see him at his best! Trav is too.

Well, "so you think you can dance" is on. We're die-hard fans so I'm gonna scoot.

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Pinky said...

Hi Adrienne! I'm so excited see your blog. It's cool to be able to keep in touch. I'm so glad that you & Trav are still going strong... is so important to keep it all alive. In my ward we are having a "divorce" pandemic it seems and it's scary to watch the changes. So keep doing what you are doing. It's worth it and eternally important!! You guys are a great example. Love ya, Pinky