January 2013

January 2013
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

news, news, and more news

I am soooooo tired. We've been up for way too long.

Well, I'm sure you're all wondering how the auditions went. Let me share: none of us made it. :) Yeah, that's the truth. We didn't make it. But to be honest with you I'm relieved to a certain degree. I'm sad to another. We went into this audition with the mind-set of having fun no matter what the results were. We were determined to make this a great memory and to support one another no matter what - and we did. It was a blast!

(Ashley, Me, Auriel, & Nikki awaiting the audition process.)

It was scary. We auditioned in front of four judges (none of which were the famous treo) and we auditioned one at a time...well we lined up in groups of four and sang one at a time for the four judges (if that makes sense).. It was very nerve wracking (did I spell that right? I'm too tired to care). I was so nervous. My heart was pounding. I mean, no one likes to be stared at, well no one who's normal. There were a lot of abnormal people who enjoyed the spot light a little too much. But I count myself as normal in this regard. I know American Idol is all about being on stage and in the spot light but that doesn't give people permission to be annoying or over the top. That's my opinion. :)

(Here is a picture of the sectioned off tables where we had to sing for the judges. I auditioned at table #4 with Auriel. Nikki and Ashley auditioned at table #5.)

It was a great experience all together. Ash, Auriel, Nikki, and I had a lot of fun. After finding out we were idol rejects (that's what we called ourselves) we decided to celebrate and go have breakfast with a friend who lives by the state capital building. We went to Village Inn and chatted for a while. After breakfast we went shopping at the gateway mall. We figured we had the day off and we were done with the whole idol thing...why not?

Anyways, we've been able to laugh at ourselves. I think that's important. We saw people crying because they'd been cut. To that we also laugh. Not in a mocking way but in an "are you kidding me?!" way. It's the first audition and everyone should know the majority will be cut....okay, enough of that. I'm just grateful we're able to laugh it off and take it in as a fun experience.

Some other fun news!!!! Our little nephew, Keegan, came home from the hospital today! We're so excited to see him again. He's just the cutest little guy ever. I'll bet Braxton, Marin, & Grayson are loving every second with their new brother. Trav and I were so happy to hear the little guy doesn't have to spend any more time in the hospital. Wahooooo Keegan!!!!!


(Daddy & Mercydez snuggling)

And last but not least! Some more great news! Two women I work with (and Ash used to work with before having Mercydez) have decided to organize a fundraising yard sale for Mercydez. Nic & Ash are overwhelmed with gratitude and very humbled by these wonderful women. They have set the date for Saturday, August 23rd from 7:00am - 5:00pm. It will take place at the following address:

1365 West 1250 South, Orem (intersection of University Parkway & Geneva Road)

They wanted to invite everyone to participate in anyway they can. They are welcoming donations of items to be sold, donation of time (helping before/during/after the yard sale), and/or donations of money (if able and willing). All money earned/donated will be given directly to Nic & Ashley for the care/needs of Mercydez.

If these options are not a possibility, prayers are always welcomed and deeply appreciated.

One of the women organizing this is named Christy. She wanted me to reference her phone number 801-361-8895 and encourage people to call with any questions, concerns, and/or ideas.

Just FYI: they are currently setting up an account with a bank for donating purposes. Until this account is completely set up please send donations to Christy (call her for mailing address but make checks payable to Nic & Ashley Haws). I'll let you know further details when the account is complete.

I was so excited about their idea that of course when they approached me about helping spread the word I totally agreed! This will be so awesome! I am amazed because they have already put a lot of hours in to this and it'll only get more chaotic as it appproaches - but they're not slowing down! Thank you Michelle & Christy. You guys are wonderful.

More info to come as it's available. :)


carolyn q said...

Okay your sister is in BIG trouble for not telling me about the fundraiser so we could post it on the IHH Site! Thanks for spreading the word and this weekend we will get the information on the site.
Heart Hugs,

Brisa said...

what a bummer you guys didn't make it!... that yard sale idea is awesome i'll have to get stephen to donate some stuff, it sucks i'm going to miss it, when i go back to utah we have to get together. i miss you guys:(
love you,

Deedra said...

You guys are so brave! American Idol would be WAY too intimidating for me. And Mercydez is looking so cute these days!