January 2013

January 2013
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

back home again

Let me just start out by saying...that is one LOOOONGGG drive. By the last hour Trav and I were starting to get irritated. We drove for 16 hours the first day and about 3 hours the second day. needless to say we're happy it's behind us! and I'm so happy to be back with my adorable niece, Mercydez....and Nic & Ash too! I love their little girl! Isn't she beautiful?!! Her eyes are so big and gorgeous.

I wanted to include some pictures from our last few days out in Minnesota. We had the great experience of being in the middle of two serious storms. Infact, both of the storms were so severe - tornado warnings were issued. You can't really tell in the pictures but the sky had a green tone to it. It was very eerie.

The video below was taken from inside the house - we were all going downstairs due to the possibility of a tornado. While it was terrifying it was also very exciting.

Calm after the storm. Isn't it beautiful?
Other than the tornado warnings the weather was beautiful. Trav and I played with Nolan and Katies "girls" - meaning their dogs - Molly (the white and brown one) and Abby. They love to play fetch. Those dogs are absolutely adorable. They have so much personality!!

Nolan, Katie, and Dad treated us to a delicious meal...we had fish. We were lucky enough to have the fish fixed four different ways: fried, breaded, smoked on cedar, and baked. All of them were soooooooooo good! What incredible cooks! :)

And Mom had the table set perfectly. She always pays attention to detail. She has center pieces - which match the napkins (of course!), candles, and beautiful plates, cups, and silverware.

It was so hard coming back. We had such a great time!!!!

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