January 2013

January 2013
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

An eventful weekend

Wow. Things have picked up speed around here. We had such an eventful weekend! We'll share through pictures:

Thursday July 24th: Pioneer Day!

Travis and Nic had to work - so Ash and I took Mercydez to my parents house for a neighborhood breakfast/picnic. It was so fun to see some of the families we used to live around. We were able to talk to so many people and had a really great time. After about an hour of chatting and eating we had to make a mad rush to my parents house because Mercydez' G-Tube (feeding tube) fell out. We were told the incision would seal within 15 - 20 minutes so we were freaking out. This has never happened before and Ash wasn't trained on what to do. She was given an emergency kit with simple instructions. Ash ended up inserting a catheter into the incision and holding it in place until Moira, mercydez' nurse, could arrive to get it taken care of. Thankfully no damage was done and Moira was able to fix things. But it was still quite the adrenaline rush.
A very proud Ahma showing off her first Grandchild at the neighborhood/ward breakfast. She was totting Mercydez EVERYWHERE. It was really cute! Too bad Papa had to work...otherwise he'd be right next to her, showing off their bundle of joy together!

Alicia called shortly after the g-tube situation had calmed down, around 10:00 and told me her water broke. I wigged! This was very surprising because she wasn't due for another five weeks! I immediately headed up to get the kids in Salt Lake City so she and Cam could go to the hospital. Little Keegan was born that night around 10:40pm!!

While awaiting the arrival of Keegan I took the kids down to Provo for an evening BBQ, some games, and fireworks. It was really hot - even for evening hours - but we still found a way to enjoy ourselves.

July 24th: Braxton, Megan, & Auriel chatting it up on the swing
Marin jumpin' on the tramp. There's always lots to do at the Haws residence. They were so wonderful to let us crash there for a few hours that evening (thanks soooo much if you're reading this!)
Grayson was playing on the teeter-toter with Alex. Grayson has the biggest imagination - he was pretending he was driving a car!
The kids saw the "big kids" playing volley ball and wanted to play too. I thought it was so cute! They were so little on the volley ball court and they couldn't seem to get the ball over the net!

Kacey & Marin are two peas in a pod. They love to tease each other. However, Marin usually ends up crying because Kacey is so much bigger than her. But that doesn't stop her from getting back up and going at it with him some more!

Braxton was continually hugging my mom. Everytime he'd catch her eye he'd say, "LeAnn!" and give her a hug. I told my mom he isn't like that with everyone - especially females. She was very humbled and flattered by Braxtons actions. (the pic is kinda blurry but it's the only one I have)

We weren't able to stay for many of the fireworks. We had to call it an early night because we were all exhausted (and cute li'l Grayson was afraid of the fireworks!) so we compromised with Marin who was wanting to stay out late. Nic gave her a ride home on his motorcycle (thanks again Nic). She loved it! Nic said she was talking to him the entire way home...just a gabbin'!


Friday July 25th

Happy birthday dad!!!!! I have to say I love my dad so much. He has such a good nature about him. He has taught me to love people for who they are regardless of race, culture, religion, or physical appearance. I value that lesson and feel like I am a better person because of my dad. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you know how loved and appreciated you are!

Uncle Trav made pancakes for the kids every morning this weekend. He made heart shaped pancakes, mickey mouse shaped pancakes, and did initials too! The kids LOVED it! The circle pancake was supposed to be a "G" but that didn't really work out to well.

Braxton & Marin posing by their beloved pancakes! :)

We just hung out with the kids all day. We played games, watched movies, and walked to the park. It was a very laid back day and it was wonderful. Very, very, very needed!


Saturday, July 26th

Yay!!! We finally got to meet the newest member of the family and he is C-U-T-E!!!!!!

Uncle Trav, Aunt Addy, and Little baby Keegan. Isn't he just the littlest guy ever? He's so precious.

Big sister Marin with Keegan. Doesn't she look proud?! She called her mom over and over and over again to find out if Keegan was born. When we found out he'd arrived Marin flipped. She kept saying how cute he was going to be, and she was exactly right!

Grayson was soooooo excited to see his little brother. He even wore a shirt that said, "Big Brother". It was the first time he could say that and he was thrilled about it. He and Marin were arguing about who got to hold Keegan first. They are so proud of their little brother.

Braxton was excited to hold Keegan as well...however he let it be known he wanted his Uncles to be his brothers and his brothers to be his uncles. We all smile because we know Braxton will be a very loving big brother.

.And of course an updated family picture. Isn't this one of the most beautiful families you've seen? Cam and Alicia have done such a great job raising these kids to be respectful, kind, obedient, and excited to learn (on top of many other great characteristics). Keegan will be such a blessing - I'm excited to see what kind of a personality he'll have. Each of their kids are unique and very much their own individual. We love them very much!

The purity of children always touches my heart. The kids threw coins in this fountain at the hospital (after meeting and holding Keegan) and made wishes. Marin told me her wish was that Keegan would be able to come home in the next few days (Keegan may have to stay in the hospital for another week because he's a premie). These kids have the biggest hearts ever!

We ended the night with yet another BBQ at a park by our home. This BBQ was my dad's birthday celebration, since he worked all day on his birthday. We played a lot of lawn games; Bocce ball, football toss, etc. The food was delicious and the company was even better! Seriously, I love my family. (I forgot the camera so there aren't pictures to post! Darn it!)


Sunday, July 27th

Ashley, Auriel, Nicole (a girl from work), and I went and registered to audition for American Idol this morning. We were up at 1:30 and on our way to the Energy Solutions Arena at 2:30am!!!

The three sisters: There's me looking tired, Auriel looking sexy, and Ashley looking REALLY chipper. He, he, he.

We don't audition until Tuesday morning so we have a day to recoup (sp?). We know it's kind of nerdy but we figure it's something fun and different and we have nothing to lose. We met a few people while waiting in line that really made us laugh. We met a girl who brought her marionette (sp?) with her. I thought it was a little creepy but the girl was pretty cool (I'll have to post a picture of the marionette later. My sister has it on her camera. I thought I took a picture of it but I didn't, so check back). This girl was recorded saying things with her marionette like, "This is American Idol in Salt Lake City!!!" Since we were next to her we had the great opportunity to start clapping and screaming in the back ground. Our goal was to stay away from the cameras but this lady/marionette team totally threw that idea out the window.

We thought this was a great shot of "Nicool" (Nicole). We were so tired and laughing at everything. We had to in order to stay awake!!!

We stood in line for about 3 or 4 hours and were back home by 9:00am. It rocked because I thought it was going to be an all day event! Believe me, we were all thrilled to come home and not have to stand in line in 100 degree weather. Yuck!

While Trav & I cooked breakfast (pancakes again!) everyone piled on Nic & Ashley's bed and cuddled up...notice Braxton is by my mom again. :) I thought this was a cute picture.

After breakfast I snuggled with my little Mercydez. Travis woke me up and made me go to bed. I appreciate him so much because he watched the kids the entire day while I slept. What a great husband and Uncle!! He took them to the park and played games with them. I seriously love him.

By 4:00pm I was barely awake but able to function. We got the kids packed up and took them home. They were SO EXCITED to go home and see mom and dad again. They were also hoping for another visit to Keegan at the hospital. Isn't family great!?!!?? I sure think so.


Brisa said...

how exciting!! you have to keep us posted about americn idol, i hope you make it, that would be so much fun! i would be glued to the t.v. everyday...your family is so cute:) love you guys!!

Pinky said...

Wow! talk about a busy weekend. ... I bet the whole feeding tube ordeal was scary ... I'm glad everything worked out with Mercydez. I keep hearing about the American Idol auditions so I'm glad I now have some one I know that is doing it. You all have beautiful/angelic voices so let them feel the air and your personalities shine! I wouldn't be surprise if you make it to Hollywood!!! Keep us updated it and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

Pinky said...

By the way ... I love your new background. I'm definitely going to that website!

Huffaker Family said...

I miss the ward pioneer breakfast. I loved going to that growing up. You guys look so cute together. That's so exciting about American idol. I love that show - me and Matt watch it all the time. How did it go? Things are going well for us, I am 26 weeks this week and the pregnancy has been great. It's so good to hear from you and see your family.