January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This weekend

This past weekend was busy. I feel like I ran around the entire time. I'm pooped. Ashley and I had the great blessing of attending another funeral (yes, another one) and singing in the program. We were both terrified. It's been a while since we last "performed". We sang with my Aunt Carol, which was wonderful. She has a beautiful voice and was able to stablize our song. We sang "Consider the Lillies". That song is extremely special. It was a song sung at Mercydez'es beautiful funeral service. We were honored to share something so personal with the Taylor family. The service was very unique and very beautiful. I have a great love for my Great-Aunt Dorothy. She will struggle, as will be expected. And she will become stronger in her struggle.

It's funny. I've learned that this life is what you choose to see. There are people suffering all over. There are people we can love and uplift. I don't claim to be perfect...I'm far from. I'm just so grateful for the lesson learned, through my sweet baby, Mercydez, in noticing those who suffer.

After the beautiful funeral we had lunch with Cam, Alicia, and the kids at Brickoven. Braxton had an Autism Awareness Walk earlier Saturday (while I was at the funeral) at Utah Valley University. After the walk everyone went to lunch. We were able to get there...but mostly everyone had left. It was still nice to chat, catch up, and tease the kids. :) They're so cute!

Trav and I then went to the temple and did sealings. I was caught myself really thinking about the stages of life. I had attended a funeral earlier that day...was now in the temple...and had a wedding reception that night. Life, death, family, careers, hobbies, change. I am so grateful for my knowledge of The Plan of Salvation.

Sunday was Mercydez'es 16 month birthday. Of course my thoughts were on her all day. I love that little girl. I miss her so much. My sister, Mercydez'es mommy posted a beautiful letter. CLICK HERE to read it. It's absolutely beautiful. Nic, Ash, and Mercydez deserve one another. I'm so grateful to know them. I love all three of them so much. I really do.

Sunday night we went to see the play "Wicked". The tickets were a gift from someone...we typically don't break the sabbath. However, given the situation we decided to go. I have to say it was a REALLY cute play. Lots of humor and an incredible twist on the idea of The Wizard of Oz. With that said, I don't think it's worth the hype. I don't think I'd go to it again unless 1) we were given tickets as a gift (again) or 2) we got our tickets for $25 or less. Yup. I don't think I'd pay more than that to see it again. Don't get me wrong. I had a great time...I was just disappointed.

So, as you can see I REALLY did run around all weekend. I'm so tired. But I feel so rested at the same time. It's been nice to do whatever I want with my time and not be so consumed by homework.

I am grateful for my Uncle Ike and his character that, like the others, has influenced me to strive to honestly be a better person. I love family. I love the Gospel.

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