January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So yesterday Trav, me, Ash, Nic, & my Mom were able to meet up with Stacy, "mi-mah", and cute little Corbin. It was so fun to see them! Stacy looks INCREDIBLE! There's so much light and happiness in her eyes! I was so happy to see how proud she was of Corbin! I forgot my camera so I wasn't able to take pictures...but I was finally able to hold cute "Boscho". What a cutie pie! He's such an expressive little boy.

I'm so relieved to hear that overall his heart is looking healthy. I'm also relieved that they didn't have to take Corbin to PCMC (Primary's) to get the testing done. However, they live in southern Utah so they had quite the drive, regardless.

It was so fun to talk about doing a marathon next year. Anyone who'd like is welcome to join! We're going to dedicate our run to those who aren't able to run. There's a lot of details to work out but we're determined! I'm so grateful Stacy was inspired enough to think of doing something like this. Seriously, I LOVE Stacy. I have NEVER met someone so genuine. We were talking about her yesterday after meeting up with them...we couldn't figure out what exactly made her so unique from other people but there's something. She has a gift. When she loves someone she REALLY loves them.

Stacy, I love and admire you. Thank you again for sharing your little boy with us - even though you had a long drive a head of you. give my cute little Corbin a kissy from his "Auntie Addy". Please tell Chance we think about him DAILY. I am so interested in how his education is going. He's a good example to me of endurance.

..honestly...I think Corbin and my sweetie, Mercydez, had more to do with my success this past semester than I realize. I'm so grateful for my Angels. And I'm sure Chance is feeling the same kind of boost too.

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

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Stacy said...

Oh my gosh! That is so sweet of you! We loved seeing you guys! Look forward to the marathon next year! Happy panting, I mean running....:)