January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Festivities

My adorable niece, Marin, slept over last night. She's such a cute girl. I have come to love and admire her deeply. She is not only adorable, she's a quality person. Marin had, and still has, a special connection with Mercydez. She has a deep love for her. So Marin, Trav and I went to the Provo Cemetary's Angel Garden to visit Mercydez's grave. It is so beautiful over memorial day. So many flowers and people visiting those they love.

We also visited my Grandpa Gourley's grave in the Orem Cemetary. Marin helped me lay flowers on his grave. She also helped me check the water levels in each flower pot (we didn't want them to drown since there was a rain storm last night).

I wasn't able to take any pictures at my Grandpa's grave. I accidently left my camera in the car. I was heart broken. However, I plan on visiting frequently, so I'll have plenty more opportunities.

It's amazing to me how quickly my perspective has changed. I used to find the cemetaries slightly eerie and kinda spooky. Now I find them extremely beautiful and sacred. There's a very special spirit in the cemetary. I have honestly come to LOVE the cemetary.

I am so grateful for my sweet Mercydez and my wonderful, kind Grandpa Gourley. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to "remember" them each year, with all those who have lost loved ones.

It's been a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

The girls and I stopped by to visit today, too. Wow, the place was beautiful...like a field of flowers...so colorful and peaceful. We talked to Mercydez, said our prayers, and gave her our kisses. Her headstone is beautiful. We are sending you our loves and hugs.
Christy, Rachel, and Heidi

Hoffmann Family said...

We made a trip to visit my G, anf G's grave too! It is such a neat experience. I love your long hair Adrienne!