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January 2013
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Monday, May 11, 2009

My mom

I know I'm a day late in posting a blog about my mom. Yesterday was a very busy day and I honestly didn't have a second to sit down and share some of my thoughts. Ashley and I planned, prepared, and executed a delicious breakfast for my mom and family. We had a Delicious french pancake-ish recipe, fresh cut fruit, & bacon. It was REALLY good. I think my mom enjoyed having the whole family around the table eating breakfast and celebrating her. She is such a good person. Her greatest joy is truly her family. It's obvious.

I have such an incredible mom. I really do. I hear so many people say that..."I have the best mom in the world". Well, ladies and gentleman, I hate to burst your bubble but I have the best mom in the world! ;)

I would like to list just a few of the many things she has done for me:

1) Sat with me in the middle of the night as I cried my eyes out on her shoulder because my heart had been broken. She had to work early the next day, yet I don't remember her saying ANYTHING about, "Well, it's getting late" or "Can we talk tomorrow? You look tired?". She was always saying, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry you have to feel this. I wish I could take away the pain...I would go through this for you without a second thought". Thank you mom.

2) Sacrificed her dream of being a home mom and went to work when times required it of her. My mom has ALWAYS had a deep desire to be at home. She has always loved the idea of the maternal world. She has enjoyed cooking, decorating, cleaning (sometimes!)...being a mom. She has had to put those hobbies/desires aside to help with the financial end of raising a family. I know this has been hard for her. I have heard her say, "She doesn't belong in a 'man's world' and she doesn't want to be there" either. Yet every day she gets up and does what's required of her. She does this because she loves her family. Thank you mom.

3) Made my husband promise he would allow me to go back to school once he graduated. Of all the things my mom asked of Trav it was that he respect me enough to give me the opportunity to return to school to get my degree. I remember this request didn't really catch me off guard. My mom has always put an enormous amount of stress on the importance of gaining an education. Knowledge is power - she is a believer of that. I am grateful she values knowledge so much that she would require my education of my husband...she did this before she gave her blessing when he asked for permission to marry me. Thank you mom.

4) Has allowed Me and Trav to move in and pay very little while I return to school and he considers going back for his masters and moves forward with his dream career. I know having this many bodies in the house isn't always convenient and cheap...yet she never complains. If anything she seems to smile more. My mom has always been one who values family more than ANYTHING. She proves this in the way she acts and treats us. She helps work out kinks and settles things down around here. Thank you mom.

5) Has pushed me when I'm feeling discouraged and overwhelmed with my major. I have never felt so challenged in my life. I am as ignorant as they come! My mom even went so far as to take two classes with me in the fall. She says she did it for her as a "refresher" but I think she did it because she knew how hard it would be for me and wanted to help me through my first semester back in five years! I am SO grateful she took those classes with me. They were intense...especially for someone who loves their major but knows very little about it (I'm talking about me!). Thank you mom.

6) Has been the perfect example of living in the here and now, when necessary. My mom is not only the best mom in the world, she is the best Grandma or "Ahma". My mom never ONCE held back due to fear of being hurt when it came to our sweet Angel, Mercydez. She has always given 110% - she still does. My mom loves unconditionally. She is a rock in our family. She is a wonderful example. Thank you mom.

7) My mom has shared her love of the gospel through her talent to play the piano. I have many memories when I'd wake up to my mom playing beautiful music on the piano. I tell Trav I want to do that for our children. It was the best alarm clock EVER! When Ash and I were singing duets more often, there were many evenings we'd spend in the piano room with our mom. We would practice and practice and practice. I remember my mom would always ask us "Listen to the words and the music. What is this song trying to say to those listening? Try to express that when you sing. Help people FEEL what we're singing about." Even to this day she does this. Just two weeks ago I was practicing the song, "Amazing Grace" with her and she said that to me. We worked out some spots and talked about the under-tones. It was awesome. My mom has always had an ability to UNDERSTAND music, not just listen to it. She once said, "I love music because it laughs with me, it cries with me, it FEELS with me." She has been one of my driving inspirations. Thank you mom.

8) My mom has taught me the value of integrity. My mom is honest in all her dealings. I have come to deeply appreciate that. I have learned, recently, the value the world puts on integrity. It's a shallow world out there. A mans word isn't worth much anymore. In fact, it's not worth anything. My mom is a woman of her word. She tells the truth. She follows through with her commitments. She is dependable. She is trustworthy. She values her integrity. I have come to value mine because of her. Thank you mom.

9) hard work isn't easy but it's necessary and the pay off is great. My mom is a VERY hard worker. I don't think she settles for mediocre in anything she does. She gives her all to whatever she's doing. Whether it be family, work, church callings, cooking, playing games..whatever! She does with her whole heart. This includes loving people. She doesn't hold back. She gives it her all. I admire this about her. Thank you mom.

10) Compassion, charity, and laughter are the best medicine. My mom has a great sense of humor. She's not afraid to laugh at herself. Too many people are uptight now days. It seems we don't laugh at our mistakes' Not my mom. She laughs! She's got a great laugh too! My mom is also one of the most compassionate, charitable people I know. She cares so much about people. She will sit and listen to another for hours, even though she has deadlines, responsibilities, etc. She never rushes those who are confiding in her. She just patiently and lovingly listens. Seriously, she does. It's amazing how much she gives of herself. She loves her family, her neighborhood, her co-workers. She's always willing to join the team and be a team player. She serves ALL the time. She just gives and gives and gives. What's even cooler is that she never expects anything in return. She simply shows kindness because she truly loves. Thank you mom.

I could go on and on. I really could. when writing these incredible gifts of hers I couldn't help but realize, yet again, why Ashley is such an incredible Mom. She has all these characteristics too! When I think of all my mom has done for her children, I am not surprised to see similarities in the way Ashley cared (and still cares - only in a different way) for Mercydez. I am so grateful for my mom and for my sisters; one who is already a mother and one who will receive this divine calling later in her life.

To all the mothers out there, thank you. Mom, Ashley, Mary Kay, Angel, Hannah, Shalene, Grandma, Grandmother, Grandma Judi, Brisa, Stacy, Lila, Christy, Alicia, Kahli,.....EVERYONE! I hope you were able to enjoy Mother's day. I hope you felt special. I hope you felt carried by those you love. I hope you felt appreciated. I hope you felt loved. Motherhood is truly a divine calling.

What would we do without our Mothers?!

I love you mom. Thank you.


LeAnn said...

I love you Adrienne, and thank you for the beautiful post! I'm truly honored. You are an awesome daughter/friend (wife - speaking for Trav, as he has stated before) and you will be an absolutely WONDERFUL mother some day as well - I don't doubt that for a second. I love you dearly. Thank you, again.

LeAnn said...

I forgot to tell you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having you guys at home! Not only am I helping you to invest in your future with your education and Travis with his Masters, I'm investing in my future as well! ;-p (just kidding - only half!)

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

You know, you have a gift of words. Beautiful. Thank you for writing that about Mom. It is all true and I echo it. I love you and I love Mom.