January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kahli & Kellan

Kahli and her little cutie, Kellan

Travis' sister, Kahli, and her little boy, Kellan, came down to Utah for a visit this last week. It was so fun to see them again! I haven't seen Kellan since he was just a little baby and now he's a handsome little three year old.

We were able to spend some time with them over the holiday weekend. we went and got ice cream, had a BBQ, went to the Aquarium (in Sandy), and played lots of card games.

Here are a few pictures, as promised, of cute little Kellan with his cousins, Uncles, and Aunts.

Kahli with Braxton, Marin, Kellan, and Grayson

Uncle Trav & Braxton

Cam, Alicia, & Kahli (in back)
Braxton, Grayson, Marin, & Kellan touching the sting rays at the aquarium.

Cam and Alicia's youngest, Keegan. Uncle Trav is head over hills for this little guy! He holds him every chance he gets. Keegan is so cute! He's such a mellow baby! The whole time we were at the aquarium he didn't make a peep...he was happy just being. What a cutie!!

Uncle Trav & Kellan

Braxton being a silly boy..doing a little dance for the camera!

Marin vs the hammerhead shark...who do ya think will win?!

Grayson has the most adorable big brown eyes EVER!

Sea horses really DO exist!!! ;)

I thought this was a really cute moment caught on camera. It also shows how little Kellan is. :)

Ahhhh....what fun.


Nic and Ashley Haws said...

I LOVE these pictures! I was sad I didn't get to meet Kellan while they were out. It was nice to see Kahli again. I wish I could have talked with her more.

...I guess that's a good excuse to have a big get-together the next time they are out!

Seriously though, I love these pictures. So cute!

LeAnn said...

The pictures you took were awesome! I absolutely love them. I'm soooo glad you enjoy being with Travis' family. They're a great bunch. I love you!