January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh, How I Love Autumn

Travis and I went for a walk up the Provo Canyon, near Bridal Veil Falls, last Sunday evening.
It was a perfect evening: cool with a slight breeze.

We walked to a beautiful little pond area.
There weren't a lot of people there - in fact we only ran into bikers and joggers.
It was nice to have a moment to ourselves without the disruption of others chatting, laughing, etc.

I loved every minute of it.
I had fully expected the leaves to be all sorts of color - higher on the mountain they are.
But there was plenty of green on the trail and I'm okay with that.
It just means we get to take advantage of the autumn colors for the next few weeks.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the crisp mornings and the cool evenings the last couple of weeks.
I welcome Autumn.
I have waited three or four months for this.
There's a lot happening this season, this year:

Two of the larger events:
Welcoming our first child into the world
celebrating our 9th anniversary.

Plenty to celebrate.
Including the beautiful colors of the season.
My favorite season.

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