January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Sunday, September 23, 2012

38 Weeks

Both Trav and I can't believe we're 38 weeks into the pregnancy!
Two weeks from today is our due date and it came FAST.

I know these pictures are nearly identical but I thought I'd post both of them anyway. :)

1. Our little girl is moving like a mad woman. 
She LOVES my right side, specifically my right hip and ribs.
Trav has been able to watch her move each night.
He lays on the bed (I'm laying on my side) and stares as my stomach moves all over the place.

2. Last ultrasound she measured at approx 5 lbs 9 oz
This was done a couple of weeks ago.

3. At my doctors appt last week her heart rate was 141 bpm - exactly where it should be.

4. She gets the hiccups nearly every day
I love feeling her hiccup!
She has to be head down because every time she gets the hiccups I feel them near my left hip.
Unfortunately Travis has only felt her hiccuping once.
Other than that he hasn't felt her hiccup when he puts his hand on my tummy. :(

5. Travis has had two dreams about her this past week. 
It will be interesting to see if she looks like what he saw. :)

6. When Travis puts his hand on my tummy she usually responds by moving where his hand is.
This typically only happens at night when we're going to bed.

7. I am going to miss feeling her move once she arrives.
I love feeling her move - even when it hurts. 
Hurts? Yes!
I think she thinks my ribs are her jungle gym and my hip is her punching bag.

8. My stomach is HARD to the touch.
There's no more room for this little princess to grow.
She is squished in there and you can tell!

9. I have to get out of bed sideways. 
I can no longer just sit up like a normal person.
My stomach doesn't bend like that.
My stomach is so hard it doesn't move when I lay on my side at night.
It just floats.
And it HURTS.
Thank goodness for my beloved body pillow.
I stuff that sucker under my tummy to support it so it's not throbbing.

10. Travis can sit in a more feminine position than I can.
Yup, my stomach now rests between my knees when I sit.
Let's just say I make sure to wear skirts well below my knees! Ha!

Children really are a miracle.
My eyes have been opened to this truth even more the last nine months.

I love my daughter. 
I love my husband - my best friend - the father of this miracle baby.

Travis loves his daughter.
He loves his wife -  his best friend - the mommy of his daughter.
(I know this because he not only says it, he shows it.)

We love that we're going to meet our baby girl in the very near future.
We're so excited for this new stage of our lives.

We can't wait!

Today we went and did a tour of the hospital Labor and Delivery Unit we'll be using.
The unit is small and personal.
In fact, there was only one baby and three nurses in the nursery.
The rooms are enormous.
Plenty of sitting space for visitors.
Even better, we stay in the room we deliver in - meaning NO TRANSFERRING from room to room.
Um, sign us up! 
We're okay with all of the above!

We have an amazing doctor.
He has an incredible reputation within and outside of the medical world.
Clinicians and patients all love, trust and value his opinion & expertise.
He works with mostly high-risk pregnancies and because of this he's very, very thorough.
This has been a huge comfort and blessing to us.

We are almost done with our baby room.
(pictures to come in the near future)
We've washed and organized all our baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc.
We've gone through and emptied nearly all our bins.
I think we're getting there!!!

Now it's a waiting game...

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