January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, October 22, 2010

My husband

..is the best man in the world. I absolutely love and adore him. I find so much goodness in him.

Travis is the most genuine man e.v.e.r. He cares about people - REALLY cares. He is so loyal and trustworthy. He is so patient and supportive of others. He is slow to judge and quick to help. He believes in me. He has been one of my inspirations. Honestly, if he didn't believe in me, I know I wouldn't believe in myself. He is always encouraging me to stick with it. He is always pointing out the beautiful things throughout our days.


I love you Travis. Thank you for the gift of 7 years together. I'm more than thrilled about the next 7...what an adventure we'll be on!

..and I know our anniversary was last weekend. I'm still celebrating and marveling at my blessings - Travis being at the top of my list.

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