January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Can you elaborate please?


I was told last weekend that I need to blog more (thanks Nikki!). I know I need to be better. But I swear my life is out-of-balance right now. All I do is work, school, homework, sleep, eat, and occasionally use the restroom. Although I find myself sqeezin' my cheeks more than I ought too, I think. No time for bathroom breaks. :(

I have become heavily involved in my schooling. I'm the vice president (president-elect) of the UVU Music Educators Club (MENC). It's a nationwide club for professional music teachers and collegiate students in training. I am social chair leader in the Women's Choir (Ash is the other social chair leader! Go twins!!), I am on the committee with the Music Rep for Student Government, and I am taking on some independent study hours and my project for that is to set up a recruiting tour with local High Schools, Jr. Highs, etc.

I've been meeting with people constantly, emailing, making/returning calls, scheduling....oh boy, what else?! Presentations, announcements, creating a book with pictures, creating multiple power-point presentations...ugh. I don't know. I'm nearly going insane.

And yes, I'm still working. How? I just don't know.

Last year our choral director retired so this year we have a new choral director. The man is FREAKING insane (in a good way). He's totally up to date and whipping us in shape. It's been hard on my ego (what ego I had). He's a genius, I think. He has two masters degrees - one from Stanford University and the other from The Eastmond School of Music - and is working on his doctorate. While that's all fine and dandy the thing that's kicked my confidence down the toilet is HE'S TWO YEARS OLDER THEN ME! Oh. My. Gosh. Wow.

Travis has been very patient and understanding as I cry and boo-hoo about my insecurities. Unfortunately, it's become a daily happening. :(

Travis is doing amazingly well. He was offered another "class" at school this year. But the cool thing is is right now he doesn't have students in this "class". Rather, the Principle asked him to be in charge of updating the school's website and making it look all sorts of cool. Travis has been a little nervous, rightly so. He didn't major in anything technological - meaning web based. He majored in art. You know? Canvas, special paper products, etc. But he has decided to dive in and take it on. I admire this about Travis. He's incredibly determined and confident. Even if he doesn't know how to execute projects - he finds a way and he does it. And he does it well. He's fantastic.

Other than taking on one more "class" he's been staying busy with his students. Some of his stories are pretty funny. I'll tell you, Jr. High kids are a different breed. They're their own monsters. But Trav is awesome with them. He has a great time. Not to say everyday is good. But for the most part it seems to be semi-goodish.

So, that's where we're at. I wasn't lying in my last post consisting of less than five words. We're just moving forward. Trying to take things on one day at a time.

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