January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Pictures

We recently did family pictures with my side of the fam. We had a lot of fun with this project, as you'll quickly see. I included more formal pictures as well as natural pictures because they all turned out great. I posted a lot of 'em and didn't really organize them the way they should be. Ah well. You get the idea... :)

The girly's

I love this shot. It's soooo eye catching. And, of course my husband is the king of the hill! Boo yeah!

The boys being dorks

The girls did it first so we're cooler.

"Side tracked"

The whole family

My boy. What can I say?? He's the "life of the party". hehe.

I honestly don't remember this ugly moment. ;)

My beautiful parents (I really like this shot. It's very gentle.)

The kids

Auriel & Maggie

Mom with her children (Dad had to leave before we took this picture, darn it.)

The boys being boys

Kacey being Kacey...these pictures make me laugh soooo hard!

Kade & Megan

I really like this picture of Kade and Megan. It's naturally beautiful, I think.


Kacey & Nic trying to jump on the tramp. It didn't last long. Don't worry.

Nic & Ashley


Kolton & Kacey



The two red heads of the family


I'm also pleased to say that NONE of these pictures have been altered in any way. Photoshop?? NOPE. Nothin'. Not bad, eh??

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