January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Saturday, October 16, 2010

7 years of pure BLISS

Today we celebrate our 7th anniversary. Wow.

I decided to surprise Trav with a little getaway. I found some killer deals online for flights to Denver and decided to jump on it. So, here we are in Colorado. I won't lie, Denver's been kindof disappointing. However, Boulder has more than made up for it. Boulder is beautiful! It's so earthy and healthy feeling. There are so many runners and bikers here. It's just a refreshing environment. My suggestion would be this: if you're going to Denver..be sure to drive to Boulder. It's worth it. And Colorado University campus is beond gorgeous.

...I could live here.

Trav & I have thoroughly enjoyed simply spending time together. We haven't done a lot of exciting things out here (we're trying to keep it cheap), but that doesn't matter. We've loved reconnecting without school or work overwhelming our thoughts. It's been exactly what we've needed. We're so blessed.

Nic & Ashley tagged along for the vacation. It's been quite fun! I swear Nic is like a little boy. He called our hotel room nearly 10 times in 30 minutes the first night we got here. He also knocked on our door and ran. He ALSO called Trav and told him to come down to their room...which Trav did only to find out Nic (intentionlly) gave him the wrong room number. He ALSO lead us to a creepy stairway/hallway in a movie theater. We were locked in the stairway...ans Ashley was freaking out. I'll post my recording later (I'm blogging from my phone).

Like I said, he's a little boy. Currently we're sitting in Applebee's (on our anniversary) watching Nic's beloved BYU Cougs. Yes. We all love Nic. Especially Trav. Trav's so laid back....he just goes with it. I love Trav.

Okay, well, happy anniversary to us. Go cougs - you sad, sad team. I love you Travis William. You're such a blessing in my life. (((Mwah)))

PS Please excuse the typo's and such. As mentioned before, I'm blogging frm my phone, while sitting at Applebees.

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