January 2013

January 2013
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Umm, yeah. It's been five years"

Travis and I are approaching our anniversary and we're stoked! I have had an amazing marriage thus far. I married a man who is truly a man. He has so much I admire and try to emulate. Seriously. He has inspired me to be better. I know people always say that but I really mean it. Travis is the one who showed me how to work for what I want. A perfect example of this is my education. Before I married Trav I knew it was important to go to college but I didn't value it. I wasn't overly anxious to get my degree because I didn't understand the importance of it. This is no ones fault but my own. I just didn't get it.

The first few years (umm...okay like the first four years) of marriage I was the breadwinner and Trav was the student. He went to school and did homework all the time. I remember him taking the time to write a good paper. He never settled for mediocre. He ALWAYS put his all into his assignments. Me on the other hand...I'd B.S. my way through anything. So long as I passed I was happy. Oh, how things have changed! I spent my entire day yesterday at school! I spent well over ten hours on a three page paper (six if it's double spaced!) and that's a big deal for me! I NEVER used to do that. I totally credit Trav for leading by example. He has always worked hard for his grade and more often then not it paid off. I want to be just like him.

So, our five year anniversary is approaching (it's this Thursday to be exact!!!). Trav has taken it upon himself to make plans for the entire weekend. We'll be celebrating for a few days. I can't wait. I have no idea what's up his sleeve but I'm sure it's going to be awesome!!! FIVE YEARS!?!?!? How time flies!

I was the first to get married in my family. That was a hard time. There were many nights I would cry and cry and cry. I had never been away from my family, not even temporarily! It was a hard adjustment. Looking back I can laugh at it but I'll tell you what! When I was living in the moment Trav handled it perfectly. Kudos to you cutie.

Anyway, I have loved being married. I would like to share some of my greatest married moments with you:

1) "borrowing" (I use the word loosely) toilet paper from my parents because we didn't have money to buy some. My younger sister, Auriel, saw me sneak out a roll and asked (in front of everyone) why I was taking a roll, to which I explained (to everyone) that we had no money!

2) Driving out to Minnesota for our annual visit and being pulled over in the ugliest state from I-80, Wyoming, and getting a $200 ticket. Getting home only to get TWO MORE TICKETS! This is the point I implemented the 1 ticket = 1 month of cooking rule. I'm happy to say that so far it's worked.

3) Getting baby hungry around year two of marriage (and freaking Trav out!) only to be called to primary and decide I never want to have children (my heart has softened since then, thankfully).

4) Playing co-ed softball with Travis once a week during the summer. Although I don't play anymore I frequently think about how fun it was to play together.

5) Some of my favorite moments with Trav are those quick moments that pass so fast you don't realize they even exist....I do though. I love it when we find the same thing hilarious at the exact same time. We burst into laughter and look at each other. It's only for a moment but it's a moment of pure joy. I love watching Trav laugh.

6) Ahhh....one of my FAVORITE moments of being married! I hope you're sitting down. Our first year or so of marriage in our apartment. We frequently have our niece and nephews spend the weekend with us. This one particular weekend we had the three of them, Braxton, Marin, & Grayson....now this was a while ago so they were a lot smaller than they are now. Well Trav was teasing Marin and making her cry (he always does this). Marin is a quick learner. She caught on to the whole teasing thing and figured out how to push his buttons. So she did. And she did it well. Well, Trav had had enough and got after her. Marin started crying and came running to me. I got after Trav to which he said, "You always take her side!" and stomped out of the room! I couldn't help but to laugh. Even now I find it hilarious!

7) Taking family pictures (my side) and watching Trav stand by the women because he's so much shorter then the boys in my family. Trav is good natured and takes it. I love that he can laugh at himself and not take things so seriously.

8) Spending an entire month with him in NYC. That was awesome. I loved walking the streets of Manhattan with him. It totally rocked! I'd have to say he's my favorite travel buddy!!

9) Pillow talk. So many people have televisions or other distractions in their bedrooms. Travis and I have vowed not to. We don't have anything against those who enjoy having TV's and stuff in their rooms! We just value our pillow talk time. It's really the only opportunity we have to discuss important things. Yes, during pillow talk we talk about how grateful we are that we have pillow talk. ;)

10) Going camping with him in the desert. Trav didn't know it rains in the desert at night and when he found out he was laying on his back in a tent with his arms and legs sticking straight up holding the tent up. At the same time he was yelling "I THOUGHT IT DIDN'T RAIN IN THE DESERT!!!!!" He was so ticked but my whole family (including myself) was laughing in their own tents (yes! They heard him!) which made him even more upset.

Those are just a few of my favorite moments. I'll share more when it's our actual anniversary - I know you're thrilled....you don't have to tell me!

Other than our anniversary coming up things have been pretty much the same 'ol - same 'ol. I am working my buns off at school and I'm soooooo happy to be there. Seriously, I haven't been this happy with my career-life in a while. I just smile when I'm not crying from all the stress of homework, presentations, papers, and tests. Ugh...I'm a horrible test-taker.

Trav is still doing his "thang" with his art. We have some hopeful things taking place right now but I don't dare share too much for fear of jinxing ourselves. He's been busy working on new projects and making contacts. I am soooo freaking proud of him for having the courage to follow his dreams.

We did go to a concert this past week. Anyone heard of Weezer before?!? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! It was an awesome show. I'd probably say it was one of my favorite concerts. We didn't have general admission, good thing because there were some stupid guys moshing in there, but we still enjoyed the show. Rivers Cuomo is one weird guy but he's awesome to watch! He brought in a little trampoline and was jumping on it while playing his guitar! The band came out in white jump-suits but Rivers also had a head sock on. It was hilarious. They did a good job of not only performing their songs but PUTTING ON A SHOW. They had a lot of interaction with the audience too.

In fact Weezer had a radio station out here do auditions for anyone who would want to play with them during their concert. They had about 30 people up on stage playing guitars, tubas, trumpets, accordians, cellos, etc. It was awesome. I've never heard of a band sharing their love of music in that way.

One thing that stands out about the concert is the people (the good people) in General Admission held a boy up on their shoulders in his wheel chair. It was awesome! Out of nowhere this boy was sitting in his wheel chair above everyone. I actually got the chills when I saw that.

Anyways, we've been busy and doing well. I've blabbed enough. I hope you are all doing well too.

Happy October!!!! It's a great month, isn't it!???!!!


LeAnn said...

Loved your post! And yes, I recognized a few of your memorable moments, although I had forgotten the "toilet paper" incident....Trust Auriel to catch you and bring to our attention! I have to say it thrills me to death to see you and Travis so happy with one another. I couldn't wish for more.....well, maybe (wah, wah, wah). Get it?

Deedra said...

Time goes by so fast! I can't believe it has been 5 years! I'll always remember your anniversary - exactly 3 months after mine...Special! :) I hope you guys have fun.