January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Monday, June 4, 2012

Thinkin' PINK or are we thinkin' BLUE?!

The oh-so typical pregnancy pic. We just had to get one (please excuse the ugly mess on my head. I'm still figuring out how to fix it). :)

We wrapped four presents, one for each of the cousins (Braxton, Marin, Grayson, and Keegan) to open. We thought it'd be fun since they're such a big part of our lives and this baby will definitely be a part of theirs! The first present had diapers and wipes in it. The second had bottles and unisex toys, the third and fourth had all things gender-revealing in them (three and four were to be opened at the same time). The kids had to pick an envelope. Inside it had a card with one word written on it. They had to put the sentence together to find out what order to give presents. For example, the sentence was: (1) What (2) Is (3) Baby (4) Braun???

Grayson drew the card that said "IS" so he had present number two. Here he is opening it...only I wasn't thinking (pregnancy brain) and didn't double check to make sure it was, in fact, number two. I accidentally ended up giving Grayson box number four which was FULL of...

PINK!!!!! Trust me, I really am thrilled! I was just bummed I put the presents out of order! I was hoping to tease everyone before making the big announcement! Ah well, it was still a HUGE surprise because nearly EVERYONE thought we were having a boy! :D (Braxton is in the back ground opening his present (number 3) since the surprise was unexpectedly early. I let Marin open hers too because we wanted each of the kids to be involved.)

Ashley, Me, and my mom ready for some delicious salted-caramel cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Fairy (kindly provided by Ashley) and ice cream (kindly provided by Cam & Alicia). I mean, what's a party without ice cream and [cup] cakes?!?! Balloons and eating supplies - all of which were pink and blue - were provided by Dad and Mom Braun! It was such a fun little party!

Hehe! Love my boy! :)

The proud, expecting parents! (I wish I realized how bad my hair looked! Ahhh!)

This is a BEAUTIFUL baby blanket Dad & Mom Braun gave us as a pre-baby gift. It's all white and it's from Bethlehem, the birth place of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We plan to treasure this special blanket. It will be used when our little girl is blessed. We love it.

So the next obvious question is, "Have you thought of names yet?" The answer is, "Yes, but we're still thinking. We'll keep you posted when we have a better idea." :)

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Nicki said...

I haven't had a chance to say congrats yet so.... congrats!! I'm so excited for you. Little girls are such a joy- as you know.
Thanks for your comments too, they truly mean a lot.