January 2013

January 2013
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Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, things have most definitely picked up. I spent the last two weeks planning and executing a Music Conference down in St. George. I didn't actually put the music conference together though. I just made sure all faculty and students who were planning on attending had a hotel room, registration figured out, directions, information on the conference, etc. It was a lot of work. Needless to say, I'm pooped. And now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to catch up on all my homework I wasn't able to get to.

Travis has been busy with his work. He started a new semester at school with all new students. He's really excited about the idea: out with the old, in with the new. After so long the students get a little rowdy and annoying. ;) He also has one less class for the rest of the school year, so he's done around 12:30 every day. He's not complaining!

I don't really know what to write. Basically things are going okay. We're moving forward and taking things one day at a time (I am anyway. I get overwhelmed looking at even a week at a time).

Let's see...what ramblings will you be interested in??

1) I am on full tuition scholarship and re-auditioned today for next year. I should hear back within a month or so. I'll keep you posted.

2) Travis and I are talking about him going back to school to get a master's degree. We hope I'll be able to get my master's at the same time. But as of right now, we're not certain which school we'll apply at. We're just in the discussing phase because I still have a year or so of my undergrad left. But it's still exciting to think about!

3) I've been seeing a therapist for the last few months. I only go once each month and it's helped me so much. Most people seem to think therapy is for someone suffering from mental illness or something. It's not. It's for everyone who has baggage (which, I believe is everyone). Therapy has offered me a lot of insight as to how I can overcome my grief in a healthy way. My therapist said on my first visit, "I am not here to fix you or your problems. I am here to offer you tools to help you through whatever it is you're dealing with." This has been such a blessing and I share it with you in hopes that you will go see a therapist if you need too. There's no shame in taking care of yourself. There's only shame (and unnecessary hurt) when pride or misunderstanding gets in the way and keeps one from doing what's best.

4) Oh! I won $150 gift card from school. I attended a job fair with some fellow students (I have a job which I love. I only attended because these girls asked me to go with them.) and put my name in a drawing and WON!!! I never win!!! Wahoooooo!!

5) I am no longer teaching primary at church (where the children go to be taught). It's been two years since I've been able to attend anything other than the first hour of church with Trav. Let me tell you, I'm enjoying every minute of it! I don't have to plan a lesson, games, or anything. I just show up and am spiritually fed with my hubs sitting next to me. :)

Let's see....what else....

6) Good grief. I don't know.

I guess I can only add to this amazing list of happenings by including a short little diddy on our friends. Both Trav and I have been dealing with some serious drama with our friends. It's been really hard, especially on Trav. But it has reminded us of some things: who we are, what we stand for/believe, what we'll tolerate, how we'll respond to tough situations, weaknesses [I] need to improve, and what really matters. I have never heard of change being easy -- even if the change is for the better. Change is change and requires adjusting. How grateful I am to have someone by my side who will support me, stand behind me, and encourage me through these changes. I hope Travis feels I will do the same for him. Anyway, enough of that.

And I titled this post that way because I have no clue what to title it. I know, thrilling. Hehe.


nolan / katie said...

Deciding which school.....as in schools in Utah?

Travis & Adrienne said...

No, we're not limiting ourselves to Utah. But Utah would be ideal because Trav has work, we both have residency rates (does that apply to master's degrees?), and we could mooch off my parents a little longer if necessary. But we're -- well I'm -- applying outside of Utah as well as within.

We'll see. It's all up in the air for now..still a bit away. A lot can happen from now 'til then. :)