January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Beloved Provo Tabernacle

Burned down this morning. As far as I've heard, it's a total loss. I'm sick about it. This building is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. I had always dreamed of performing in it. It has been used for LDS church meetings, choir performances, and many more activities. This is so awful. Click here to read an article and see pictures.

Hopefully the church will reconstruct it. Everyone is in shock. This is so sad.

I pulled these pictures (below) from the Salt Lake Tribune webpage (the link I created at the beginning of this post). There are more pictures posted on their site.

I look at these pictures and I can't help but to cry.

What's harder is this building has sentimental value. We took family pictures here, in November 2008, before Mercydez passed away. This building's grounds and beautiful architecture can be seen behind my family as we surrounded our precious Mercydez.

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