January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Old Nauvoo"

Here are a few pictures of our little get-away in Nauvoo. I'm so glad we decided to make a stop here. It has been amazing. The weather has been absolutely perfect with little to no humidity. It's been in the high 70's and low 80's. Perfect.

Nic reading some names at the Pioneer Monument

Trav & Nic at the bottom of the Trail of Hope. They were enjoying the enormous Mississippi River.

Nic & Ash walking the Trail of Hope

Trav reading one of the many plaques along the Trail of Hope

Do I have something in my teeth?

The four of us learning how the saints made their covered wagons. It's quite fascinating to learn how they did everything.

The four of us at one of many shows here at Nauvoo

There have been so many musical plays here! We've had some good laughs as the missionaries perform their songs and profess their incredible talents for all to see and enjoy!

Yeah...we were hungry

Nic & Ash enjoying a horse and carriage ride through Nauvoo

Trav & I enjoying the same horse and carriage ride. It's been so fun being here with them!

It has been equally amazing to share this with Nic and Ash. This is their first time here and I think they are in awe of the history, stories, and experiences offered here. We were able to visit Carthage jail today. But before going we went to the visitors center and watched the Joseph Smith movie (the same one playing at temple square). I'm glad we did that. It really set the mood. Carthage Jail is a sombering place.

"In life they were not divided. In death they were not seperated."
Staute of Joseph & Hyrum Smith located at Carthage Jail.

The four of us happened to ask about a window found near the top of Carthage Jail. The missionary told us we could take a look. We were able to go up to the attick of Carthage Jail, not many go up there. Even the missionary who said we could go up hadn't been up there! It's a really small and narrow stair case up. This is us goin' on up.

The dungeon where Joseph & Hyrum were held before being taken into the bedroom of the jail keeper because in the dungeon was over 120 degrees. The bedroom became the "Martyr room". I had a very creepy feeling while sitting in this windowless room.

Ashley's sillouhete as she stood in the doorway of Carthage Jail.

The stairs way the mob climbed with the intent to kill the Prophet Joseph, and they did murder Joseph Smith. June 27th 1844

Nic & Ashley stood by the door through which a bullet was shot. The hole in the door is from the bullet that took the life of Hyrum Smith, Joseph's beloved and loyal brother.

The four of us in front of the window Joseph Smith lept through after his brother, Hyrum, was shot in the face and killed. Joseph was killed at this point as well. He sealed his testimony with his blood.

The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple. I swear it glows at night...and it's not from the spot lights alone. This place is special.


Emil, Caroline and An Angel... said...

OH! What great pics...brings back so many memories of our visit there. Thanks for sharing them. So many sacred places and fun places to see, OH we LOVE it there!!

LeAnn said...

I'm so glad a post was finally made! (I understand). It looks absolutely fabulous - I wish I could have joined you.....ah well - next year! Love you guys!

Deedra said...

What an amazing trip! I hope to go there someday.