January 2013

January 2013
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17th

So, today was interesting. Trav and I had every intention in the world to take the kids to church. We bathed them last night after getting home from the water park, Trav shaved and showered...everything and everyone was ready to go. We just didn't realize how tired we were.

The kids were up by about 8:00, Trav was up around 9:00, and I wasn't up until 10:00. I COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED! About an hour and half later Trav and Grayson laid down to take a nap while Braxton, Marin, and I played games of yahtzee. It was a quiet day. We were all pooped. The combination of extreme heat and water just wiped us out.

Grayson, Marin, & Braxton in front of the Provo Temple
Since we didn't make it to church, Trav and I thought it'd be nice to take the kids and walk around the temple. We fed everyone lunch, bathed Grayson again (he had a little accident while napping), and packed up their toys/cloths and we were out the door. On the way to the temple Trav and I were talking about how the temple is Heavenly Father and Jesus' house and that we needed to be reverent. Nic, Ash, & Mercydez came with us.

When we got there things went down hill quick. Poor Braxton is sensitive to the heat and we didn't think about how that would effect him. He struggled. He started going after Grayson and eventually ran him over. Grayson was crying and screaming, Braxton was yelling "SHUT UP!", and Marin was being the older sister and getting after Braxton. Trav was trying to calm Braxton down, I was trying to comfort Grayson, and Nic and Ash were trying to distract Marin. OH MY HECK! It was hilarious (I can say that now). And to make things better...there were seriously a good hundred or two missionaries around the temple taking pictures and such. When this whole commotion took place they, of course, turned and looked. Ohhhh....

We got back to the car as quickly as we could and left. Poor Braxton. We didn't realize the heat would effect him that way. We now know...

Anyway we got them home without any further problems.

Tonight we had family dinner at my parents house. We're celebrating two things. One - Travis' birthday is tomorrow and two, this is Kades (my brother) last weekend here. He is moving to Idaho for the next year and a half for work purposes. We are sooooooo sad to have him go because we all live so close to each other. He is the first to move away. It's an exciting change for him but we're all sad to see him go. Megan, his wife, is planning on staying here in Utah to work until he's done in Idaho. It's a big change for my family (Tim...Chris...don't get any ideas ;)). I've decided I'm going to treat this like a missionary situation. I'm going to write him, send him care packages, etc. I'm determind to make this a good thing - not a devastating thing.

Anyways, since it's Kades last weekend here we had a good-bye-dinner for him. Megans side of the family came and had dinner with the Gourley side. One of Megans sisters, Hannah, married a guy named Corey. He's a character! He has many "talents" as Braxton would say. We were able to record one of the many. Take a look (and turn your volume up)! It's hilarious!


Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Yeah, that Temple trip was pretty crazy. I couldn't help but laugh as you guys pulled out of the parking lot... You sitting in the back seat between Grayson and Marin, looking at me like you didn't know if you'd survive the trip back to their place... Trav in the drivers seat, couldn't be happier to leave, Braxton smiling and waving goodbye... Marin and Grayson smiling. Ah,it's amazing what air conditioning can do.

LeAnn said...

I just read this post again and had a good chuckle. Ah, the memories of similar times when you kids were all little. And you know, it's the times when things go awry that create memorable moments rather than when things go perfectly (well, for the most part). Remember our trip to California with Grandma years ago?! I love you!