January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, August 15th

Happy birthday Alicia! Travis' sister, Alicia, is celebrating her birthday today. As is tradition, for me anyway, I would like to brag about my awesome family members.

Alicia is incredible. I refer to her as super woman because she REALLY is. She can do about 7 different things at the same time. It's insane! She can drive, make a phone call, keep the kids happy in the back of the car, plan a birthday party/family gathering, and smile all at the same time (I think smiling is the most important)!!! Seriously, she's so incredible.

Alicia is a fabulous mother. Her kids will NEVER question if they are loved. She is so good at verbally and physically communicating her love and appreciation to her children. She is always throwing parties for Marin (her party animal), hosting the entire neighborhood kids every night (I think I heard they have anywhere from 25 - 30 kids playing in their back yard on a regular basis), she's a member of the PTA at Marins' school and actively participating at Braxton's school (The Pingree School of Autism) on a weekly basis. She just had a cute li'l baby boy, Keegan, on July 24th and is still able to keep up with the other three! And I think it's so wonderful that her children love to be home. It seems that children don't enjoy being home anymore but her children love to be home. By the time we've had the kids for a two days Grayson is asking when he can go home. I think that's wonderful! They love to be home because home is safe, fun, happy, and secure. It's my opinion that the mother (essentially) sets the atmosphere of the home, in most cases.

Alicia is a thoughful sister. I can say this because I am married to her adorable brother. Alicia calls Travis every other day or so to see how things are going with us. She is SOOOOO thoughtful. I really admire the fact that she takes the time to make a call despite how busy her life is. Another thing I am so appreciative for is her sixth sense. With everything that has gone on with Mercydez, Alicia has been there. There have been many times when she has called me and just BAWLED with me over the phone...after reading the latest "update". She just knows when to call and what to say. She has gifted Mercydez with some of the cutest outfits EVER! She cares so much! Alicia is beautiful inside and out. Really, the bar has been raised as I watch and try to learn from women I'm close to. Alicia is by far above and beyond, she always goes the extra mile. She's a lot like her mom. They never settle for mediocre. For anything! It's always an experience when with Alicia and/or her mom.

I love watching Cam and Alicia work together as parents. They love their children (I know I've said that way too many times but it's because it's TRUE)!

Alicia, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are so wonderful and we love you so much. I love and value our relationship. You are so good to me. So kind. You set a great example.


So, Trav and I picked up Marin, Braxton & Grayson for the weekend tonight! We have been planning on having the kids and taking them back to Seven Peaks Water Park for a month or two. I'm sure you can imagine their excitement! Braxton called "Brother Travis" around 7:15 this morning to see when we were going to pick them up. He called a little later that morning to follow up. :) They were full of excitement!

I'm sure we have many adventures a head of us.....

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