January 2013

January 2013
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

From the mouth of a missionary

I thought it'd be cool to post a portion of Kolton's first letter from Mexico. It sounds like he's staying busy and doing all he can to learn the language! I'm so proud of him!!


The city of TorreĆ³n is pretty cool, but it is REALLY dirty here. It is fun though. I am going to include some pictures in this e-mail (hopefully it works). My first week here has been really interesting to tell the truth. The first day that we got here, we landed and went to the Mission Home where we were introduced to the Mission President's wife and family. Then we had what they call La Comida. It is the one and only big meal you eat the entire day (like that is going to happen with me ha!). After that, we talked for a bit, and then a bunch of the Elders that have been here for awhile came to the Mission Home as well. At about 6 pm we were told to go with one of the Elders that have been here for a while to start our first day of contacting! Yay! I was about to shoot myself. Ha I don't even understand why we go to the MTC to learn a language. I seriously didn't really understand anything that anyone was saying to me.

The next morning, a few of us went to the store with our Mission President for the supplies for breakfast. We had eggs with ham (I think) and beans to the side. Also, we had some yogurt drink that is called LaLa. It is actually really good. I have one every morning. Then we cleaned everything up and went to the Church for some kind of training. That lasted pretty much all day. I didn't understand anything of what they were saying to us though, so I don't know what to tell you about that. Anywho, we were assigned to our companion at this meeting thing, and my companion's name is Elder Rasmussen.

He is a pretty cool guy, and he has been here for 16 months now. He is from Oregon, and that is about as much about him that I know because he only talks in Spanish to me unless I absolutely can't understand what is being said.

The third day (Wednesday), we only contacted about 20 people that day (of which I had to initiate the last 19 and continue until I didn't know what to say anymore), and we visited some of the members.

Thursday we contacted about 25 people. We also went to a less-active member's house to say hello, and she made us some things called guarditos. I'm not sure how you actually spell that. But the first one I ate was good in a spicy way, but nasty in texture and taste. My companion later told me it was pig skin. Yum!!! My favorite...lol. Then we went to a member's home for la comida, and she made us some REALLY good food that is called Mole (pronounced mole-ay). She said that it was habenero mole or something like that. It was SO good!! So I had her give me the recipe lol.

Friday was a really good day though! We only contacted about 15 people, but we taught an actual lesson to someone. The Spirit was SO strong!! It was almost tangible. It seriously was so cool! We taught her (Veronica) lesson 1, the Restoration, and I taught the part about the apostasy and how people always reject the prophets and what not. Then Elder Rasmussen taught her the next part, and I had the privilege of teaching her about the First Vision. I recited the scriptures from memory, and it seriously brought the Spirit so strong! I knew she could feel it because she suddenly started talking like she was out of breath, it was that strong! It was absolutely amazing. We are teaching her again on Friday.

Sunday was definitely interesting. We had a Stake Conference, and their Stake is MAYBE the size of our home ward. I couldn't really understand what the people were saying, so I started to try to translate my Spanish scriptures into English. I didn't have my English ones with me though, so I just went for it. I'm happy to tell you that I can translate written words pretty dang well. Haha I just have to work on the spoken words now. That was about all for Sunday, except we had a District meeting, so I met the rest of our district (4 other elders).

Oh, I forgot to tell you that on Tuesday, it was the first day I have really been homesick. It was super hard for me because it was a full day of not knowing what the heck people were saying to me. But I'm good now :).

Today (Monday, October 31st) has been interesting. I bought a basketball because there is a basketball court about 30 seconds from where we are staying, so we are going to go play every morning.

I don't know what my address is here or the best way to send mail to me. Don't send food though. The people that do the mail will eat it if you do.

How are you all doing? I would love to hear anything and everything you'd like to tell me. I probably won't be sending any handwritten letters, so send me an email from your email address if you want me to respond.


Great, isn't it?! If any of you would like to type up a letter for him, you're welcome to! Just type it up and email it to me @ adriennebraun@hotmail.com and I'll forward it to him. :)

*I posted pictures (below) which he included with this email*

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Pinky said...

I love his letter. I have been in his foot steps -- not understanding anything but it will come and faster than he thinks... is just being patient 'till you get there is the trick. Reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish will help him immensely too which I'm sure he's already doing. Now about the food. I've eating cow stomach before. It was one of my favorite dishes as a teenager ... however, it took all my life up to that time, to get used to its slimy texture. I still remember vividly my mom forcing me to eat it and me gagging it down... but really, eventually it was DELISH! Good for Kolton for eating it without throwing up!