January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, June 20, 2011

a cute little story (or two) to prove he's adorable

Tonight we had butter pound cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh blackberries on top. It was to die for. Delicious. Heavenly.

A conversation came about that went something like this:

Travis: What fruit is this? Are these blackberries?
Mom: Yes, they're blackberries.
Me: They're amazing, Mom! Why?
Travis: Are either of you getting seeds stuck in your teeth?
[Mom and I giggle a little]
Me: Cutie, you don't chew blackberries.
Travis: What do you do if you don't chew them?
Me: I don't know. You sort of...
Mom: ...squish them between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.
Travis: Hm.

[pause while we all take another bite]

Me & Mom: {look over at Trav and burst into loud laughter]
Me: Cutie! You DON'T chew blackberries!
Mom: [STILL LAUGHING as Trav looks over at us with HUGE eyes]
Travis: I'm trying to get the seeds out of my teeth!
Me: By chewing them?!


So lately Travis has been spending HOURS in his studio doing his art. He has been in heaven. I have been doing my best not to disturb him anymore than I have too. It's hard. I know it'll be harder once this summer block of classes ends because I should have way more free time and may want to spend some of it with him. I'll have to find a "buddy" to take his place for the summer. I don't want to mess up his goals.

Anyway, part of my not spending much time with him is he stays up until the wee hours of the night/morning. I try to be in bed at a descent time so I go to bed long before he does. Well, one night he crept into bed without waking me. He was able to fall fast asleep...and then the following happened:

Me & Trav: {honk! ZZZZZ!] <= That's us sleeping ;)

[HIGH PITCH, LOUD, FREAKY SCREAM with an equally huge body jump (the kind where you're still asleep)!!!!!!]

Me: [startled awake] Trav?


Me: [roll over to look at Trav] Trav, are you okay?
Travis: [laying on his back, WIDE EYED] Huh?
Me: Are you okay?

[Trav slowly moves his humongous eyes to look at me without moving his head (like he was paralyzed)]

Trav: Did I...
Me: [between laughter] You...just...screamed...like...a...WOMAN!

[I'm trying not to laugh too hard because he still seems to be half asleep.]

Trav: That was me?
Me: Yeah!
Trav: I knew I heard something but I couldn't tell if it was you or me.
Me: Well, it wasn't me! What were you dreaming about? [still giggling]
Trav: I don't know. A nightmare of some sort.


Me: [softly giggling] Go back to sleep, Cutie.

30 seconds later, Trav is out cold, floppin' like a fish.
And I'm doing everything I can to avoid shaking the bed from laughing so hard.

I love this man.

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Faust Family said...

haha! I'm sitting here laughing out loud! too cute!