January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

48 hours from now

We'll be in MINNESOTA!!! I always look forward to our visits out there. Let me list a few of the reasons why:

1) Green, green, green and absolutely gorgeous

2) We love hangin' out with Travis's parents, it doesn't matter what we do: out seeing a matinee, having dinner on the screened-in porch, playing cards, watching "So You Think You Can Dance", or cooking (hellooooo pazelles (sp?)) - they pretty much rock!

3) We're SUPER excited to see Nolan, Katie and our adorable niece Kherington (SO CUTE!!!!!!!!) again! We haven't seen them since Christmas!

4) We're thrilled to see Nicki & Kenny and meet their beautiful little Natalie!

5) It's ALWAYS a good time when Tim & Jen are around - of course. :)

6) Seeing Grandma Braun and playing 500
- I still suck at this game. Give me another 50 years and I might have it down...maybe.

7) Fishing with Dad
- I REFUSE to bait my fishing pole and often don't want to touch the fish but I still enjoy a peaceful afternoon out on the lake


9) Have I mentioned pazelles yet? ;)

10) Taking things one day at a time, not thinking about tomorrow just thinking about today. It's such a nice experience.

11) Watching the fireworks over the lake from the screened in porch while drinkin' daiquiris
- We did this a couple of years ago when Nic and Ash came out with us. It was such a beautiful night.

12) Going for evening walks around the neighborhood, exploring the neighborhood dock to the lake (is that what it's called?)

13) sNuGgLiNg to stay warm because the basement is FREEZING
- I'm not complaining. I sleep better in the cold and when I have my husband cuddling up to me. ;)

14) Attending church and meeting such good, humble people. It's also fun to see people from the last time we were out there.

15) Hittin' up the local garage sales
- It's WAY more fun with Mary Kay but since she can't go Trav and I try to do our best to find treasures.

We. Can't. Wait.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are having just the best time out there! Love you, Christy