January 2013

January 2013
Our Little Family of Three

Friday, April 8, 2011

a couple of pix

Travis has been busy doing art work for a local band, FICTIONIST. Trav created two pieces for the band and it looks like they may use his work on a t-shirt! This is really exciting!!! As a bonus, Trav LOVES their music. I must say I'm a fan as well. They've got a good feel to 'em.

The band is seriously considering using the piece with the hand on a t-shirt. They REALLY like it. I honestly like them both. Trav's so awesome. We hope this continues to progress in the right direction.

I performed my duet this past Monday, as part of the Dixit Dominus performance. We get to perform it again this Sunday, April 10th at 8pm at the Cathedral of the Madeleine. I would love for any/all to attend. It's gorgeous and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

Yes, that extremely young man conducting is the one I've blogged about (the one all the women are drooling over - makes me SICK). But he's very good at what he does - incredibly talented. Incredibly intimidating.

Hope to see you Sunday evening!

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