January 2013

January 2013
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Monday, September 21, 2009


So for the last year or so Travis has been interviewing to teach art at a Jr. High or High School (preferrably High School) but has had no luck being hired. With the economy the way it is administration is able to be EXTREMELY picky. Well, Trav was called last week for an interview and on Friday we found out he got the position!!! We are both so excited!

Travis will be teaching at Oquirrh Hills Middle School starting TOMORROW! Yeah, they had an unplanned increase in students and are needing someone immediately. So, Travis is the man for the job! There are some pro's and con's with this job.

1) Trav has to commute to and from work. However, the good news is he will miss rush hour both directions. He has to be at school by 7:20 and will be done with his classes at noon (he's part-time).

2) Trav has a teachers salary. But teachers don't teach for money. They teach because they love their subject and want to change lives. So, we'll gratefully take what we can get!

...I think there's only two con's for now. :)

1) Travis is able to get his teaching license through an ARL program but until then he's still able to teach (phew!).

2) The added income will significantly help our poor-starving-student finances and we may actually be able to pay off some necessary debt. BIG HORRAY!

3) Travis is going to get some good experience teaching before moving forward with his masters degree. This experience will provide him with the "experience required/preferred" on all job postings. I swear, everyone wants their applicants to have experience, but they're not willing to GIVE the experience they need. Does that make sense?! Thankfully Travis impressed the administration so the whole experience thing isn't as heavily weighed.

4) Travis will be close to his sisters family. This is good because his nephew, Braxton, is crazy about Trav. Every opportunity Braxton has to spend time with "brother Trav" he jumps at. Now Trav will be able to stop by occasionally and spend time with him. Braxton will be THRILLED!!

5) Travis will be able to apply for other teaching jobs because he will be licensed and experienced. Hopefully in a year or so he will be able to work a little closer to home. But until then we'll gratefully take what we can get!

6) Travis is the third generation "Mr. Braun". His Grandpa Braun was a teacher, his Dad was a teacher (just retired a couple of years ago), and now he's a teacher! It's in his blood! (However, he hopes to eventually pull out of teaching and be a free lance artist as a full time career.)

7) Travis is excited to work with the students and introduce them to a subject he is passionate about. He doesn't doubt his capabilities either. I think that's a GREAT thing about him. He'll just do his best and learn from his mistakes. What a guy!!!

So, this week Trav will be job shadowing and learning about lesson plans, policies, etc. and next Monday he'll officially be Mr. Braun!

What a stud! I love you handsome!


Nicki said...

Hooray! That's so exciting. Teaching is so wonderful and I know he'll have a good time. Plus when you get into the program you two can probably learn some things from eachother (mostly he can learn from you because the have a strange tendency to leave out important details in the ARL). You have to keep me updated on you as well. And congrats on passing the Praxis, I knew you would be fine but it is still always a comfort to actually know with tangible proof :)

Nic and Ashley Haws said...

I am soooooo happy for you guys! Trav will do awesome and I love your energy and support behind him! Yay for you guys!!!

Elisa said...

Oh my goodness, Congrats!!! That is wonderful!

Lacking Productivity said...

Teaching is not for the faint of heart, but it is a fabulous experience. I couldn't ask for a better job. Best wishes to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Travis! WooHoo! That's G-G-G-REAT!

Jerry and Maaret said...

I've seen Mr. Braun teach, and he is very good at it. Congrats! Felicitaciones Elder.