January 2013

January 2013
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Saturday, October 3, 2009



I love October. It's the beginning of the holiday seasons. I love walking through the seasonal aisles at the grocery and crafting stores. The smell of cinnamon, the fall colors, the decorations. I love it! I also love the crisp autumn air. I am pulling out my sweaters but not packing the t-shirts away quite yet. Chilled morning air, warm afternoons, crisp evenings....welcome!

I also have another GREAT reason why I love October. It is the special month Trav and I chose to be married. This will be our 6th anniversary. While it sounds like we're still youngens - it feels so awesome and shocking that we've been married for 6 years already! We have been able to do a lot together. I am so excited that I have the rest of my life AND EVEN LONGER THEN THAT to be with him. It sounds cheesey but I have come to realize that Travis is my BEST friend. Travis is the BEST travel buddy. Travis is the BEST listener. Travis is the BEST husband...I honestly find myself staring off in space wondering why I have been so lucky!?!! WHY??!!

Travis and I don't have children yet (which has been a decision between the two of us and Heavenly Father) and we feel at peace with this. But we are excited and look forward to the day when we, together, will welcome children to our eternal family. That day will come, but today's not that day. And that's okay. Heavenly Father knows our hearts. He knows things we are dealing with and have been dealing with. HE KNOWS US. So, for all those wondering...we don't know when that day will come. But we feel it is closer then it ever has been before.

I know this is sort of random. No, I'm not pregnant. :) I'm just doing some self-reflecting and sharing my thoughts.

Life has been hard. Life has stretched us individually and as a couple. Life has been up and life has been down (and it's only been 6 years). But life has been good. I have my friends. I have my faith. I have my testimony. I have my family. Most importantly, I have my handsome husband for time and all eternity.

Happy October everyone!

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Angel and Bryan Forever said...

and what a cute couple you two are...as for children, you two will balance eachother so well your children will have amazing parents...when that day comes that is.