January 2013

January 2013
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moving forward

Well, yesterday was my last day student teaching. It was quite an emotional day. I tried my hardest not to cry but I couldn't help myself. As students were leaving class and I was saying my typical, "Make good choices! Bye!" it hit me that this was it. The tears just came and I couldn't stop them. It was hard. Some of my students cried but most of them kept it together. I told them they were not allowed to cry (because I knew if they did I would be in trouble...turns out I was in for it anyway!).

The students made me farewell cards and brought treats to share with the class. My cooperating teacher bought cookies and handed them out. Overall it was a fantastic day. I wanted to end on a positive note, with the students happy, so I planned to play musical bingo. That went well. :) It was good I planned a "Chill day" because I was way too emotional to do anything else.

Anyway, I am now officially done with my student teaching. Part of me is so heart broken I can hardly stand to think about it. I have honestly come to love those students. I absolutely adore my cooperating teacher. The other faculty members, staff, and administration are phenomenal. I have HONESTLY never been to a middle school like the one I was assigned. The atmosphere is so different! I felt at home.

I am planning to go back and help every now and then, if my schedule will allow. But for sure I'll be at their next concert! So, the good news is I'll see them again.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for my experience. I feel I was given the most opportunity to experience what being a teacher consists of, what the demands/needs are, and what I need to work on. I am walking away a better person. I hope, hope, hope those I worked with and those I taught feel the same.

Again, I am so blessed and I can't figure out why. But, I sure am grateful.

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