January 2013

January 2013
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Changes are quickly approaching

I remember back in January as I was sitting and observing the classes I'd be teaching. I remember talking to my mom about how long and painful the observation period was going to be (3-ish weeks) and how I didn't know how I'd get through it. It was my idea to observe that long because I felt it would give me a solid foundation in regards to the environments/cultures of the classes my cooperating teacher was going to turn over to me. While the observing turned out to be well worth it, those days seemed to be quite long for me.

Now, here I am with one week left of teaching. That's it. It's absolutely crazy to me. I had a feeling it would go fast but I had no idea it was going to go that fast! I guess it's a good thing though, because as they say, "Time flies when you're having fun!". I'm thinking this is the case with me. I've had so much fun I haven't paid much attention to time - until recently.

So, after my student teaching I plan to take one more class (a piano class) and apply for graduation. I just hope the class I need to take is offered during the summer. If not, well, I guess I will be graduating a little later than August. But cross your fingers. I'd really like to successfully close my under-grad experience before the end of the year. I feel I've put in my time, the hard work, the sweat and tears. I'm ready to jump into other adventures!

Right now Trav and I are enjoying our Spring break. We don't go back to school until Tuesday and let me tell you, it's been fabulous thus far. I'm even fine with the inch of snow we woke up to this morning. Why? Because I don't have to drive in it unless I choose to! Yipee!!

Travis is wonderful, as always. Am I the only one who stops and looks at my husband, really stops and looks, only to realize how lucky I am?! I swear, I am reminded daily of his incredible character. He's so handsome. He's simply wonderful. One thing I really love is how much he loves Scarlet. He is always holding her, talking to her, watching her...just crazy about her. I like seeing this side of him. Here is a picture of him cuddling the little bug. :) Aren't they cute?!?!

And here's the only picture I can get a hold of at this point. I'll post more as soon as I'm able. I'm on the right. :) Proof I was actually in an opera! Ha!!

La traviata, Utah Lyric Opera, February 2012

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